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Ethan Cox is a 28-year-old political organizer and writer from Montreal. He cut his political teeth accrediting the Dawson Student Union against ferocious opposition from the college administration and has worked as a union organizer for the Public Service Alliance of Canada. He has also worked on several successful municipal and federal election campaigns, and was a member of Quebec central office staff for the NDP in the 2011 election. He is currently the News and Politics Editor at and writes regularly on national political issues. You can follow him on Twitter @EthanCoxMtl and like his facebook page at
| October 8, 2013
Photo: Le Pravda
| September 17, 2013
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| July 25, 2013
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Marois and the Conseil du Patronat: a match made in hell?
| June 30, 2013
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| June 19, 2013
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