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Karl Nerenberg joined rabble in 2011 to cover news for the rest of us from Parliament Hill. Karl has been a journalist and filmmaker for over 25 years, including eight years as the producer of the CBC Radio show "The House." In his work, he has dealt with a great variety of subjects: from civil war in Central America, to the crisis in South Africa's Apartheid system. During his time at CBC, and its French language counterpart, Radio-Canada, Karl directed and wrote numerous documentaries and long-form television reports for such programs as "Le Point" and "Actuel" and "The Journal." Karl also founded and, for five years, edited the magazine "Federations: What's new in federalism worldwide." Karl has been awarded a Gemini award, a Best International Reportage Series award (from "la Communauté des televisions francophones"), and a CBC Radio Award for Best New Series (for "C'est la vie"), among others. In 2010-2011, he wrote, produced and co-directed (with Malcolm Hamilton) "Never Come Back," a documentary on the Roma communities in Canada and in Europe. Karl can be reached at karl@rabble.ca
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| October 9, 2014
Julie Gelfand, Canada's new Environment Comissioner. Credit: Karl Nerenberg
| October 7, 2014
| October 6, 2014
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