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Hill Dispatches: The 2012 policy agenda, part one

Photo: Intiaz Rahim/Flickr
As we begin a New Year it is as good a time as any to contemplate the spectres for our time -- the spectres of growing inequality and of unsustainable development.

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Committees report by rabble.ca's Parliamentary reporter

Photo: Simonov
Parliamentary reporter Karl Nerenberg shines a light on Ottawa politics.

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What do the polls tell us about the federal political race?

Photo: flickr/Kumar Appaiah
Political journalists have a love-hate relationship with polls and pollsters. But even those who profess great skepticism can't help but be influenced by the stories the polls tell.

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The robocall story: It's not over yet!

Photo: flickr/Stephen Harper
Michael Sona is on trial as the sole culprit in the fraudulent effort to suppress non-Conservative voters in 2011. There is lots of evidence, though, that whoever did it did not act alone.

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