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| July 17, 2012
| July 5, 2012
| June 30, 2012

Vancouver launch of 'Occupy This!' with Judy Rebick and Musqueam spokesperson Cecilia Point

On Sunday, June 17, author and activist Judy Rebick spoke at a launch of her new book, 'Occupy This!' The event was held at the W2 Media Cafe, and sponsored by rabble.ca. Judy Rebick spoke about the lessons of the Occupy movement and also about the inspiring events around Quebec's student strike and 'Maple Spring'. In addition, to open the evening, Cecilia Point of the Musqueam First Nation spoke about their local struggle to save a sacred burial ground.

Part II of this video, with the conclusion of Judy Rebick's talk and the question and discussion period, can be viewed here

A conversation about Occupy Wall Street: 'Making the impossible seem possible'

May 1 in New York City.

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Nine months ago Occupy Wall Street set up an encampment in New York's financial district; an action that served as an 'opening bell' for a movement that quickly coursed across the United States and beyond.


Occupy feminism: Start of a fourth wave?

Photo: petitefeministe.wordpress.com

The First Feminist General Assembly, which took place in Washington Square Park in New York City the evening of Thursday, May 17, could mark a historical turning point. Emerging out of the Occupy Movement, the event brought together a cross-section of the hundreds of thousands of women already mobilized from a broad progressive spectrum.


How Occupy and the Indignados helped inspire Quebec, where 'every street is Wall Street'

Sitting in the living room of a friend's Mile End apartment just shy of 8:00pm of Thursday, I am called into the street by the deafening sound of clanging pots and pans.

On the residential street lined with Montreal's classic triplex townhouses, people of all ages are gathering with their cookware. Children clang at the doorstep of their friends calling to them to come out.

The now nightly "casseroles" are the latest form of popular outrage to premier Jean Charest's new special law that curbs freedom of assembly and association rights, in a bid to break three months of social unrest.


| May 10, 2012

Moments of Excess: Essential reading for Occupy and Quebec student activists

Moments of Excess: Movements, Protest and Everyday Life

by The Free Association
(PM Press,

As attention turns toward the mass student strike on the streets of Montreal, ongoing for three months, the Quebec student movement clearly exemplifies the power that activism holds to shape our collective imagination.

The student protests distant from the halls of political power in Quebec City, are largely setting the terms of political debate on moves by the Quebec government to significantly hike post-secondary tuition fees.


Needs No Introduction

The future of the Occupy movement

May 1, 2012
| Celebrated professors and authors Cornel West and Frances Fox talk about the future of the Occupy movement, and their opinions on a changing America during the 2012 Left Forum, at Pace University.
Length: 43:32
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