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Mick Sweetman is a rabble.ca contributor. His articles and photos have also been published in Alternet, Basics, The Calgary Straight, Canadian Dimension, Clamor Magazine, Industrial Worker, Linchpin, The Media Co-op, New Socialist, Northeastern Anarchist, They call it struggle, Vox Magazine and ZNet. He calls Toronto home and is unabashedly a supporter of Toronto FC. You can follow him on Twitter at Mick Sweetman.

Mass meeting sends U of T agreement to ratification

CUPE 3902 members vote on the proposed agreement after a five-hour mass meeting. Photo: Mick Sweetman
CUPE 3902 members voted in favour of sending a tentative U of T agreement to a unit-wide ratification vote.

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CUPE 3902 bargaining committee members resign over tentative agreement

Photo: Jesse McLaren
CUPE 3902 bargaining committee members have resigned in protest over a tentative agreement with the University of Toronto.

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Canadians protest the seizure of the Tahrir boat near Gaza amid claims of sabotage

Protesters in Toronto, Nov. 4, 2011. Photo: Mick Sweetman

Following the seizure of the Canadian boat, the Tahrir, by Israeli authorities in international waters off the coast of Gaza, impromptu protests erupted across Canada Friday in a show of solidarity with the activists arrested. 

In Toronto, a group of 30 picketed the Israeli consulate, protesting the boarding and seizure of the Tahrir and its companion, the Irish ship the Saoirse, in the Mediterranean Sea by Israeli naval forces earlier in the day. The Tahrir was carrying Canadians and other nationalities intent on delivering a reported $30,000 in medical supplies to the beleaguered people of Gaza. The Israeli military has blockaded Gaza since 2007 after Hamas won a majority of seats in the 2006 Palestinian election.


March leads to occupation of Bay Street TD branch

Nine hundred CUPW and community protesters march in Toronto's financial district. Photo: Jesse McLaren
Nine hundred CUPW and community protesters march in Toronto's financial district.

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Tory elected mayor of Toronto, Chow urges 'keep the faith'

Photo: flickr/knehcsg

John Tory will be Toronto's next mayor with almost 395,000 votes while Doug Ford racked up over 330,000 votes. Olivia Chow, placed third with almost 227,000 votes.

"As your new mayor, I will work with the council that you elected tonight in moving Toronto not left, not right, but forward. I will be a balanced and accountable leader and we're going to do this together. Tonight is not a victory for any one person. It is a victory for Toronto -- all of us who love this city and care about its future," said Tory in his victory speech.


Watch B.C. teachers and parents share photos of their kids with #thisismystrikepay

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Today teachers and parents in British Columbia have been sharing photos of their own kids on social media using the hashtag #thisismystrikepay.

The trend was started originally by Kate Coglan who posted a photo of her 11-month old daughter Isla.

Not only is Coglan a parent, she's also is the wife and daughter of B.C. teachers and wrote about the possible strike on her blog The Little Farmhouse.


Liberals stop Hudak, win majority government

Photo: flickr/knehcsg

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It was fear over fear as Ontario voters rejected the possibility of a hard-right Tim Hudak Conservative government and chose instead to re-elect Kathleen Wynne's Liberal Party, which produces more scandals than a FIFA referee and is currently under investigation by the Ontario Provincial Police.

Wynne won a majority Liberal government with 59 seats, while Hudak's Progressive Conservatives (PC) were reduced to 27 seats and the New Democratic Party (NDP) stayed even at a total of 21.


What are people saying at the door in one of Ontario's closest ridings?

Photo: Mick Sweetman/rabble.ca

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The anger of the middle-aged woman at her door in Toronto's Davenport riding is palpable when asked about the Ontario election.

Olga, who did not provide a last name, is speaking to Green Party candidate Daniel Stein and is furious about the Liberal's gas plant scandal saying "they did it to save their jobs." She also says that "the NDP are totally bonkers" and that "Canada is becoming the biggest hypocrite country in the world."

Stein says she's a natural fit for the Greens and asks if she'll put up a sign -- she gives him a tentative "maybe."


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