Feb 17, 2010

Where's that Olympic Truce?

Derrick O'Keefe
It's fair to speculate that the Games have been used as cover for a massive new NATO offensive that has already claimed many Afghan civilians' lives.
Feb 16, 2010

Breaking windows is not a revolutionary act

Judy Rebick
Black Bloc vandalism in the middle of a big protest is not only a diversion from the issues but puts everyone into unneccessary jeopardy without their consent.
Feb 11, 2010
Pivot lawyer Doug King with Olympics rights card

2010 Olympics: Know your rights

Pivot Legal Society
Pivot Legal Society to hand out thousands of cards with legal rights and sets up 24-hour Pivot Lawyer Hotline.
Feb 14, 2010

2010 Heart Attack: Vancouver Olympics opening day

Scott Harris
Early on an apparent agent provocateur moved into the crowd, pushing and taunting marchers before darting to the sidewalk, at times stopping to talk with police before running forward.
Feb 13, 2010

Thousands march to 'welcome' the Olympics

rabble staff
Thousands of anti-Olympic protesters marched in the hours leading up to the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics today.
Feb 12, 2010

Thousands march to 'welcome' the Olympics

Mara Kardas-Nelson
Thousands march to BC Place to "welcome" the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, highlighting concerns from environmental degradation to First Nations' rights.


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