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Canada, would you help the injured children of Gaza?

Photo: flickr/Giuseppe Milo
Is there any hope that our Prime Minister will pause in his sideline cheer leading for Israel long enough to act constructively on behalf of Gaza's wounded children?

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Pro-Israel counter-protest in front of PMO. Photo by Justin Tang
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Mobilizing opposition to the Enbridge pipeline

July 11, 2014
| Two weeks ago the Harper government announced its approval of the Northern Gateway pipeline. For opponents of the project, this decision is a call-to-action to step up the fight.
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What would you like to tell the courts?

Seems to us that there are a number of important rulings against the Federal government lately. A lot. Here are just a few:



Harper versus Aboriginals and civil society

Photo: flickr/Gina Clifford

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Canada Day celebrations in London and New York were cancelled this year. The festivities had been contracted out to a Calgary consulting firm. The firm gave up on the project when big funders Blackberry, and Nexen Energy pulled out. While it was still billable time for the Calgary consultants, those who wanted to celebrate Canada Day in London or New York were out of luck.

| June 13, 2014

The irony of Harper's commitment to women and children

While receiving much praise for renewing the so-called Muskoka Initiative, Harper is killing or de-funding other valuable women's initiatives, both in Canada and abroad.

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