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Not Rex: Quebec shooting and the reality of right-wing terrorism

This 'Not Rex' commentary exposes the conspiracy to obscure the reality of right-wing hate and terrorism.

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Mourning for Quebec: Attack on PQ victory party leaves one dead

The attack, which left one dead, occurred during the victory speech of premier-elect Pauline Marois.

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Election Day in Quebec: Is Charest done? Will Quebec Solidaire make surprising gains?

Expect to see more of the red square in Quebec, regardless of election results.
Expect to see more of the red square in Quebec, regardless of today's election results. (Photo: Alexandre Guédon)

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A conversation with Amir Khadir of Quebec Solidaire

With just over a week until Quebec votes, rabble.ca's correspondent sat down with Amir Khadir of the upstart Quebec Solidaire.

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Night march number 100 in Montreal

The 100th nighttime protest of the Quebec student strike. (Photo: ScottMontreal)
On the same day Jean Charest called an election, over 10,000 people celebrated the 100th nighttime protest of the Quebec student strike. (Photo: ScottMontreal)

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Ontario votes!

Photo:  Caro Lander/Flickr
Take part in our babble discussion forum as the results come in!

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Getting the Muslim youth vote out in Ontario

Wali Farah, running for the NDP in Ottawa-South, was one of the provincial election candidates called in to speak to Muslim youth in Ottawa.

Concerns have been raised about the lack of political engagement of Canadian youth. During the federal election, voting flash mobs at Canadian universities were seen as a way to get young voters excited and eager to vote.

Unfortunately, most efforts to engage youth have been initiated by groups and organizations that I feel do not reflect the ethno-cultural diversity of Canada's major cities. As an activist in Ottawa's Muslim communities who is passionate about civic engagement, I wanted to take a lead in addressing what I've seen as a lack of engagement among young Muslims of voting age.


Election time, NWT style

Monday is polling day in the Northwest Territories. Here in the NWT, when we vote, we have no firm idea who will be our premier. We cannot vote for or against any particular political philosophy or party platform. We can neither re-elect a government whose policies we support, nor oust one whose actions we reject. We can only vote for a candidate running in the particular riding in which we live. This time 'round there are 48 candidates for 19 seats, with three acclamations.


Ontario's mystery ridings: Ten uncertain outcomes

With the 2011 Ontario provincial election mere weeks away, all the major parties are honing their focus on the most competitive ridings in the province. While some of these battleground ridings are attracting attention from politicians and commentators alike, the following ridings are somehow slipping under radar, despite their potential Election Day interest.


Jack Layton celebrates eight years as NDP leader

Jack Layton at the anti-prorogation rally in Ottawa in Jan. 2010. Photo: John Hansen
Talking about a 2011 election...

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