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| September 27, 2013
| September 9, 2013
Photo from the 2010 anti-tuition fee rally held in Ottawa
| September 5, 2013
Progressive Voices

Sexual violence at college and university

April 5, 2013
| Sarah King addresses the rape culture at college and university, "stranger danger," inadequate efforts of university administrators to combat sexual violence, and more.
Length: 11:35 minutes (10.62 MB)
| March 28, 2013
| December 5, 2012
| June 2, 2012
Canadian Federation of Students
| December 1, 2009

Students remember, remember, the fifth of November

Students across Ontario held a spirited day of action Nov. 5 to protest high tuition fees. (Photo: John Bonnar)

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Target Poverty Campaign for a Poverty Free Manitoba/Ontaro

Hey folks,

Concurrent events going on in Manitoba and Ontario, planned by the relative provincial offices of the Canadian Federation of Students, for the Nov. 5th Day of Action.  This year the goal is to build a broad coalition and focus on the broader issue of poverty, which includes student poverty.



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