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From private lawn to urban farm

May 4, 2015
| Homeowners throughout Vancouver have allowed a local farming collective to rip up their front lawns and plant vegetables. In the process, they discover that sustainable living is possible in the city.
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Photo: flickr/Katie Laird
| April 28, 2015

Book: The Last Bonobo

April 27, 2015
| The bonobo is one of our closest relatives in the animal kingdom. Unlike chimpanzees and humans, bonobos live in peaceful groups led by dominant older females.
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Photo: flickr/Evan Leeson
| April 24, 2015
| April 23, 2015

Join the 30x30 Nature Challenge to get Canadians outside

Join the David Suzuki Foundation’s fourth annual 30x30 Nature Challenge, a campaign to get Canadians into “the nature habit” by spending 30 minutes a day outside for 30 consecutive days.

Over the past three years, tens of thousands of individuals and hundreds of schools and workplaces have 

People who register at www.davidsuzuki.org/30x30 get daily tips on how to add green time to busy routines during May. There are also free toolkits for workplaces and schools with ideas for getting colleagues and students involved.

Visit www.davidsuzuki.org/30×30




Heiltsuk occupy DFO office, close down herring fishery

April 17, 2015
| Last month, the Department of Fisheries and Ocean declared a surprise opening of a herring fishery on the Central Coast that has been closed for nine years, without consulting the local First Nation.
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| April 12, 2015
| April 4, 2015

South Pacific nations on frontlines of climate change

April 1, 2015
| Cyclone Pam devastated the South Pacific island of Vanuatu in mid-March. Michael Dorsey of Islands First says catastrophic weather events are the new normal for countries like these.
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