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| March 18, 2014
| March 14, 2014
Image: Wikimedia Commons
| March 13, 2014
The F Word

Stranger harassment and impacts on women's health

March 12, 2014
| Ariana Barer interviews Angela Matthews about her recent research on stranger harassment and its impact on the holistic health of women and the health of our communities.
Length: 33:36 minutes (38.46 MB)
The F Word

The misogyny factor in films about technological innovation

March 11, 2014
| Ariana Barer speaks with Caity Goerke about her recent blog post published on the F Word site called, "What do Her and The Social Network have in common? A lot about him."
Length: 27:16 minutes (31.21 MB)

Women's Day blog censored by Canadian Museum for Human Rights, says author

Author’s note: This post was commissioned as an IWD blog by the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. It was initially approved and posted by the Museum on 4 March 2014. It was, however, almost immediately withdrawn as ‘Communications’ at the Museum deemed the one line comment on the current federal Conservative government unacceptable as written. The offer of a substantive footnote and illustrative example from the author brought no reply. ActiveHistory.ca has reposted this time-sensitive contribution here, to which examples of anti-women policies and a footnote have been added.


Feminist Current

Decolonizing women's history: Max Dashu on recovering women's history

March 8, 2014
| Meghan Murphy speaks with Max Dashu, founder of The Suppressed Histories Archives, about the importance of women's and Indigenous histories.
Length: 36:02 minutes (32.99 MB)
March 7, 2014 |
On March 8, 1857, female garment workers in New York City took to the streets to demand better working conditions, a ten-hour day, and equal rights for women.
| March 7, 2014
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