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| October 21, 2014
The F Word

Migrant Detentions and Migrant Justice

October 12, 2014
| An interview with No One Is Illegal before the inquest for Lucia Vega Jimenez
Length: 30:02 minutes (34.37 MB)
| October 11, 2014
Feminist Current

'Surrogacy is child trafficking': An interview with Kajsa Ekis Ekman

October 6, 2014
| Meghan Murphy speaks with journalist, writer and activist, Kajsa Ekis Ekman about her arguments against surrogacy.
Length: 19:49 minutes (18.15 MB)
The F Word

Connected communities resisting

October 3, 2014
| Shilpa Narayan and Aliya Dossa talk rape culture, stories, and community-building.
Length: 38:52 minutes (22.24 MB)
| October 3, 2014
| October 3, 2014
The F Word

Fat and feminism

October 3, 2014
| A call for something bigger, something fatter! The F Word discusses the supposed 'age of the booty.'
Length: 22:41 minutes (25.98 MB)

No Middle Road: Feminist writer Ninotchka Rosca on prostitution, feminism, art, and social transformation

September 30, 2014
| Public intellectual, feminist and award-winning writer, Ninotchka Rosca, discusses why mediocrity has no place in social transformation movements and more!
Length: 43:12 minutes (79.12 MB)
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