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| January 29, 2014
| January 27, 2014
| January 24, 2014
The F Word

Honouring feminists

January 20, 2014
| This show is dedicated to the feminists who have come before us, who work alongside us, and who will come after us. Interviews with Alana Higgins, Leslie Wilkin and others.
Length: 53:50 minutes (61.61 MB)

Talk to Young Girls Without Mentioning Appearance

AndWat via Creative Commons License

Despite increased education, a new crop of powerful and inspiring female leaders, and (some) advanced economic and social opportunities for women, many people still have a tendency to talk to girls exclusively about their appearance. Compliments are focused on physical characteristics like clothes or hair.

Check out this great piece by author Kasey Edwards on breaking down these harmful practices and engaging with girls the same way society tends to interact with boys – based on their interests, goals, and opinions. 


Watch me: movie reviews with Cathi Bond

Watch Me: Frances Ha - a new brand of chick flick

January 16, 2014
| Love Lucy? Enjoy Annie Hall? Get a kick out Meg Ryan? Try Greta Gertiwg! A new brand of chick flick's in town and she's not Bridget Jones.
Length: 04:46 minutes (6.56 MB)
| January 17, 2014
| January 16, 2014
The F Word

Day of Feminist Dialogue

January 16, 2014
| Excerpts from the Day of Feminist Dialogue, an event hosted by the Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres to discuss racialized and sexist violence in 2005.
Length: 37:20 minutes (42.73 MB)
Feminist Current

Defending battered women on trial: An interview with Elizabeth Sheehy

January 14, 2014
| Meghan Murphy speaks with Elizabeth Sheehy about her new book: 'Defending Battered Women on Trial: Lessons from the Transcripts.'
Length: 33:47 minutes (30.94 MB)
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