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Interview with Jenna Tenn-Yuk

June 16, 2014
| Ariana Barer speaks with Jenna Tenn-Yuk about her work as an artist-in-residence with the Vancouver Biennale, and finding her way identifying as a gay Christian Jamasian woman.
Length: 36:40 minutes (41.98 MB)

Meet the new Ukraine: Feminist and LGBT activists building civil society

image: Facebook/Marusya Bociurkiw

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Just one month ago I was navigating tire barricades and memorials for the dead, eating borscht with brawny men in fatigues, interviewing activists who overthrew a corrupt government. I inhaled tear gas thrown by the Right Sector, gulped back killer vodka with LGBT thinkers and activists, and, many, many times, swallowed back tears.

Long story short, I was in Ukraine, where, to quote a very bad old song, tears are not enough.


| June 11, 2014
Photo: flickr/Kaytee Riek
| June 10, 2014
The F Word

Interview with Vi Levitt

June 9, 2014
| Ariana Barer interviews Vi Levitt, a former VSB student and an activist for trans* rights, queer inclusion and anti-colonialism.
Length: 08:55 minutes (10.22 MB)
The F Word

Appreciating grassroots feminist projects

June 7, 2014
| Ariana Barer speaks with Nicole Perry about the ConsentEd project, the Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton, and Co-Conspirators wanted -- a feminist dance production.
Length: 31:39 minutes (28.99 MB)
The F Word

Interview with Ava Homa

June 6, 2014
| Helen Polychronakos speaks with Ava Homa, a Kurdish writer who writes about resistance against that country's oppressive regime, and against patriarchy.
Length: 27:04 minutes (30.99 MB)
| June 5, 2014
The F Word

Femme City Choir

June 3, 2014
| Ariana Barer speaks with the co-organizers of the Femme City Choir in Vancouver, Lau Sequins and Kate Monstrr.
Length: 27:56 minutes (31.97 MB)
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Episode 155 - The more we get together: Talking intersectionality in activism

May 28, 2014
| In this podcast activists across North America talk about intersectionality. Let's bring together gender justice, socialism, feminism, economics. What will you add to the mix?
Length: 29:10 minutes (26.78 MB)
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