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December 3, 2014 |
Elections Canada has estimated that 38.8 per cent of eligible voters between 18-24 voted in the May 2011 federal election. That's significantly lower than the official turnout of 61.1 per cent.
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| November 24, 2014

Tony Clement floats lies and trial balloons on Temporary Foreign Worker Program

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Tony Clement recently let go of a trial balloon at an editorial board meeting with the Kitchener Record. Clement was commenting on the disastrous Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) and attempted to pass blame for the massive growth and absence of integrity within the program on to the Liberals.

Clement said, "This program was created prior to [us taking] office, and has grown [since 2002] by 1,818 per cent. That to me sounds a little bit excessive." 


Canadian political haruspicy.
| January 15, 2014

Atlantic Canada ready to lay democracy on Harper government

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The Atlantic premiers did two big things at their meeting last weekend. They basically called the Harper government incompetent, having constructed labour market policies on the basis of "anecdotes" and no evidence.

And for the first time in more than a generation -- apart from Newfoundland's mercurial former premier, Danny Williams -- someone from these parts has said "boo" to the federal government.

James Shaver Woodsworth, Methodist minister and politician. Photo courtesy Library and Archives Canada/C-55449.
| May 7, 2012
April 23, 2012 |
The Council of Canadians release an affidavit which alleges that the misleading phone calls during the last federal election could not have been accidental.

Pauline Marois relaunches PQ, Harper helps

Pauline Marois has emerged as the winner of the internal wars that have beset the Parti Québécois. Her leadership went uncontested at the recent PQ National Council meeting. Her principal rival, former Bloc leader, Gilles Duceppe has removed himself from active politics following a leak to La Presse, citing misappropriation by the Bloc of parliamentary funds for partisan purposes.

For Pierre Dubuc, a militant left-wing sovereignist, writing in L'Aut'Journal, the most important news is that Marois has corrected the mistakes that contributed to her troubles.

Building on the Orange Surge

Thursday, July 7, 2011 - 7:00pm - 9:10pm


252 Bloor St. W., room 2-212
Toronto, ON
Phone: 416-535-8779
43° 40' 4.854" N, 79° 23' 54.0816" W

Report on the NDP federal convention and a look forward to the Ontario provincial election.


How Jack Layton's NDP won Quebec

The NDP won 59 of 75 seats in Quebec the old-fashioned way, on television. A first (and then a second) appearance by Jack Layton on the Sunday night talk show Everyone is Talking About It (Tout Le Monde En Parle) which draws Stanley Cup Final size audiences every week of its season, ignited terrific interest in the party.

Quebec television features home grown cultural expression; most people in the province watch Radio-Canada, Radio-Quebec, and the French language commercial channels.

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