performance arts

Jul 7, 2014

Polymer Dance

The F Word
The F Word speaks to members of Polymer Dance -- a Vancouver-based contemporary dance performing group and class about public space, accessibility in movement and the democratization of dance.
Aug 28, 2012

Tips for mask-making: Manila folders

Holly Adams
Some tips for making masks out of manila folders -- technically an OFFICE supply, so they are still in the school budget!
Jun 22, 2012
Theatre of the Oppressed Tree

Performance and protest

Holly Adams
A brief look at performance as protest, and a few of its many forms.
Jun 8, 2012

In praise of pirates

Holly Adams
Reflections on the importance of pirates and sword fighting for girls!
Apr 2, 2012
Photo: Pam Bailey/Pam in Progress

Help Camps Breakerz of Gaza build a new home

Pam Bailey
By giving as little as $10, and then encouraging your network to do the same, you can help re-build and equip the practice and workshop "home" of the Strip's only breakdance group.
Activist Toolkit

Sins Invalid

The theatre troupe uses performance to express their experiences with disability and sexuality


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