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Families in B.C. organize to support teachers

Photo: flickr/Caelie_Frampton

As the dispute between the B.C. government and teachers enters its fourth month, families in B.C. are organizing actions to show support for teachers.  

As the labour action continues and schools remain closed, a number of fundraising campaigns and demonstrations have sprung up to show solidarity with B.C. teachers.

Parents are organizing playdates for their children at local MLA offices. The protests are filled with colourful sidewalk chalk, games and storytelling are meant to continue until the teachers' strike is resolved and schools open.


| September 3, 2014
Asia Pacific Currents

Labour and class politics in New Zealand-Aotearoa

August 30, 2014
| Labour news from the Asia Pacific and an interview about labour and class politics in New Zealand-Aotearoa with Joe Carolan, UNITE union organizer and candidate for the MANA party.
Length: 25:51 minutes (11.84 MB)

Teachers Teaching Teachers

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 - 7:00pm


Steelworkers’ Hall
25 Cecil Street
Toronto, ON
43° 39' 24.0768" N, 79° 23' 46.4748" W

Preparing for Tough Negotiations with Jackson Potter, Chief of Staff, Chicago Teachers’ Union

A public meeting organized for Teachers, by Teachers, Rank and File Education Workers of Toronto (REWT), Labour Committee of the GTWA

| August 22, 2014
August 20, 2014 |
The BCGEU urges the expert panel to consider the impact of staffing cuts on the ministry’s ability to provide oversight of industry.

An interview with Hassan Yussuff


Union of National Employees reporters caught up with Hassan Yussuff, President of the Canadian Labour Congress, after his speech at the UNE Convention for an exclusive interview. The following is an excerpt from this conversation.





There is a difference between talking about what you’re fighting against and painting a picture of what you’re going to achieve. If you were going to describe the country that you are working to rebuild, what would it look like?


August 15, 2014 |
After calling City employees back to the table for pension talks, Regina has walked away from further negotiations.
August 13, 2014 |
As the BCGEU moves forward with the Children at Risk campaign, it continues to identify and address working conditions and workload issues for those working in the sector.
Asia Pacific Currents

The regional issues facing the people in the Pacific Islands

August 8, 2014
| Interview with Nic McLellan, Pacific region activist and writer, on the Pacific Island forum and labour updates from the Asia Pacific region.
Length: 30:13 minutes (13.84 MB)
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