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An interview with Hassan Yussuff


Union of National Employees reporters caught up with Hassan Yussuff, President of the Canadian Labour Congress, after his speech at the UNE Convention for an exclusive interview. The following is an excerpt from this conversation.





There is a difference between talking about what you’re fighting against and painting a picture of what you’re going to achieve. If you were going to describe the country that you are working to rebuild, what would it look like?


August 15, 2014 |
After calling City employees back to the table for pension talks, Regina has walked away from further negotiations.
August 13, 2014 |
As the BCGEU moves forward with the Children at Risk campaign, it continues to identify and address working conditions and workload issues for those working in the sector.
Asia Pacific Currents

The regional issues facing the people in the Pacific Islands

August 8, 2014
| Interview with Nic McLellan, Pacific region activist and writer, on the Pacific Island forum and labour updates from the Asia Pacific region.
Length: 30:13 minutes (13.84 MB)
| July 14, 2014

UP! We are labour. We are Oshawa.

In one of the birthplaces of the Canadian labour movement, We Are Oshawa is reconnecting with its namesake's deep social unionist roots. 

We Are Oshawa was conceived by a tapestry of activists from diverse backgrounds, including but not limited to labour. We are a grassroots, membership-based organization that seeks to make progressive issues a priority in Oshawa. We work to support community struggles that align with labour struggles; We Are Oshawa brought the Save Canada Post campaign to neighborhoods that would be affected by the cessation of door-to-door mail delivery. Campaign activists made a deputation to Oshawa City Council to request their support for door-to-door mail delivery and protect good paying jobs in our community, which unanimously passed. 


Asia Pacific Currents

Violence against women workers in India

July 11, 2014
| Labour news from the Asia Pacific region and an interview with Kavita Krishnan from CPI M-L on gender violence in India.
Length: 28:46 minutes (13.17 MB)
Talking Radical Radio

Seeking justice for Ottawa's janitors

July 9, 2014
| On this week's episode of Talking Radical Radio, organizers Christine Bro and Doug Nesbitt talk about the "Justice for Janitors" campaign in Ottawa.
Length: 28:59 minutes (26.55 MB)
Photo: flickr/Rupert Ganzer
| July 9, 2014

Strike on hold at The Globe and Mail

Photo: flickr/Yan Arief Purwanto

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A strike at Canada's largest circulating national daily newspaper is on hold for the time being. On July 2, representatives from the The Globe and Mail's management and Unifor 87-M agreed to return to the negotiating table on July 8.

The dispute arose because the new contract proposed by Globe management would require some reporters and editors to write "advertorial" copy in addition to their editorial work. Other issues in the dispute include job security and wages.


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