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Activist Betty Krawczyk's new book recalls 2003 'Women in the Woods' blockade

Betty Krawczyk's new book recalls the 2003 Women in the Woods blockade to defend B.C. forests. (Photo: Betty Krawczyk).

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Live from the NWT: Celebrating northern women

From the Northwest Territories: a cultural event for International Women's Day.

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Chipping away at gender equality: Harper's five-year round up

This weekend marked the five-year anniversary of the ascent to power of Canada's exceptionally charismatic (cough*cough) and calculating Conservative PM Stephen Harper. It's surprising that Stephen Harper has lasted so long in a minority government, but for a minority PM, he sure has accomplished a lot -- if by accomplishments, one is referring to the insidious erosion of women's rights that has occurred in the last five years. Let's take a look back at what Harper has done to increase gender inequality, shall we?

Scrap universal daycare



A feminist view of the revolution in Ukraine

December 5, 2014
| Marusya Borciurkiw is a Canadian filmmaker of Ukrainian descent. She traveled to Kyiv at the end of April to direct a documentary about activists in Ukraine during and after the Euromaidan revolution.
Length: 19:38 minutes (17.98 MB)
image: rabble.ca
| December 5, 2014

Long Live Occupy: How gender justice became part of the Occupy movement

Image: rabble.ca

On a warm spring day in May of 2012, some 300 people, mostly women, gathered in Washington Square Park, Manhattan, to hold the First Feminist General Assembly.

At the time, a mere two and a half years ago, the Assembly movement was relatively new to North America, so this was truly an historic moment. It was also significant because that year May 17th was the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, and the date marked the 181st anniversary of the first Women’s Anti-Slavery Convention in 1831.


How to shift culture and reduce workplace harassment

Photo: flickr/Loozrboy
Creating a workplace culture to reduce harassment is not easy but some organizations are tackling the problem.

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Here's how to shift culture and reduce harassment

Photo: Flickr/Becky_wetherington

So here were are, in the midst of a continuing national conversation about sexual harassment, domestic violence and consent.

Some of the most shocking revelations about the Ghomeshi case include the admission made by several CBC employees that the toxic work environment at Q made it possible for Ghomeshi to act with impunity. Some of Ghomeshi's co-workers at Q have even claimed that they knew about what was happening but felt powerless to stop it.


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