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Activist Betty Krawczyk's new book recalls 2003 'Women in the Woods' blockade

Betty Krawczyk's new book recalls the 2003 Women in the Woods blockade to defend B.C. forests. (Photo: Betty Krawczyk).

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Live from the NWT: Celebrating northern women

From the Northwest Territories: a cultural event for International Women's Day.

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Chipping away at gender equality: Harper's five-year round up

This weekend marked the five-year anniversary of the ascent to power of Canada's exceptionally charismatic (cough*cough) and calculating Conservative PM Stephen Harper. It's surprising that Stephen Harper has lasted so long in a minority government, but for a minority PM, he sure has accomplished a lot -- if by accomplishments, one is referring to the insidious erosion of women's rights that has occurred in the last five years. Let's take a look back at what Harper has done to increase gender inequality, shall we?

Scrap universal daycare


Asia Pacific Currents

The issues facing women workers in Malaysia

September 6, 2014
| Interview with Irene Xavier, Sahabat Wanita, on women workers in Malaysia, and regional labour updates.
Length: 29:53 minutes (13.69 MB)
Photo: flickr/Global Panorama
| August 14, 2014

Pop surrealist Dina Goldstein on women's inequality, pop culture and princesses

August 8, 2014
| In this episode I talk with photographer Dina Goldstein about female archetypes in pop culture, women's inequality, and how she uses art to shatter damaging gender illusions.
Length: 35:52 minutes (32.85 MB)
Nametag says, "My name is... NOT HEY BABY"
| July 30, 2014
Needs No Introduction

Changing laws and unchanging statistics: Rape and rape laws in India

July 28, 2014
| A talk by Poonam Kathuria of the Society for Women's Action and Training Initiatives in Gujarat, India, about the changes in rape laws in India over the past 20 years.
Length: 34:31 minutes (31.61 MB)
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