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Asia Pacific Currents

Gender issues in the garment sector in Indonesia

September 16, 2016
| Labour updates of workers' struggles from the Asia-Pacific region and interview with garment workers on gender and LGBTI issues at the workplace in Indonesia.
Length: 28:57 minutes (13.26 MB)

Women advocate for peace in Colombia

August 2, 2016
| After decades of women's peace activism, a new accord is signed.
Length: 28:59 minutes (39.81 MB)
Women deserve better spray painted on a brick wall.
| July 28, 2016

False Choices: The Faux Feminism of Hillary Rodham Clinton

July 16, 2016
| If Hillary Clinton is elected, she will be the first woman president in U.S. history. Major women's organizations have endorsed her. A new book raises questions about Clinton's commitment to feminism.
Length: 17:17 minutes (15.84 MB)

Free trade! What is it good for?

July 4, 2016
| Kate Raphael of KPFA Women's Magazine asks Professors Maria Floro and Stephanie Seguino, two of the premier voices on gender equity and globalization, to demystify trade policy.
Length: 28:48 minutes (39.56 MB)
Image: Facebook/Nour el Sherbini
| May 25, 2016
| May 24, 2016

'Demoting Venus': Archaeologists disagree about prehistoric female figurines

May 22, 2016
| Was the Willendorf Venus pornography, portrait, or something else?
Length: 29:08 minutes (40.02 MB)

Tea strike! Women workers unite and win in Kerala, India

April 14, 2016
| Women who harvest tea made an end run around the unions and negotiated their own deal.
Length: 29:08 minutes (40.02 MB)

Women in P.E.I. regain access to abortion after 35 years

April 11, 2016
| On March 31, the P.E.I. government said they would start providing local access for abortions by the end of 2016. The change in policy was the result of a legal challenge by Abortion Access Now PEI.
Length: 16:17 minutes (14.91 MB)
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