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Image: Facebook/Nour el Sherbini
| May 25, 2016
| May 24, 2016

'Demoting Venus': Archaeologists disagree about prehistoric female figurines

May 22, 2016
| Was the Willendorf Venus pornography, portrait, or something else?
Length: 29:08 minutes (40.02 MB)

Tea strike! Women workers unite and win in Kerala, India

April 14, 2016
| Women who harvest tea made an end run around the unions and negotiated their own deal.
Length: 29:08 minutes (40.02 MB)

Women in P.E.I. regain access to abortion after 35 years

April 11, 2016
| On March 31, the P.E.I. government said they would start providing local access for abortions by the end of 2016. The change in policy was the result of a legal challenge by Abortion Access Now PEI.
Length: 16:17 minutes (14.91 MB)
Asia Pacific Currents

Women's rights and the struggle for equality in the Philippines

March 17, 2016
| Interview with Lisa Maza on the struggle for gender equality in the Philippines, and updates on workers' struggles from the Asia-Pacific region.
Length: 28:57 minutes (13.26 MB)

Fill in Wikipedia's gaps

Wikipedia has helped bring a lot of new information about people that ordinary encyclopedias missed.  However, there are still a lot gaps. Many women and people of colour have tiny blurbs or nothing about them at all on the site.  Many have made important contributions as artists, writers, thinkers, and have books written about them.  Let's take this on!


Image: Flickr/Ged Carroll
| March 10, 2016
| March 9, 2016
Talking Radical Radio

Women in solidarity with Palestine: The Women's Boat to Gaza

March 8, 2016
| Zohar Chamberlain Regev, Shabnam Mayet, and Wendy Goldsmith talk about the Women's Boat to Gaza campaign.
Length: 28:38 minutes (26.22 MB)
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