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#84 - Water doesn't flow like money

March 24, 2009
| World water day address from a resident of Fort Chipweyan, auto workers strive for balance, music from across Canada, and AIG reflections from Keith.
Length: 33:40
Who Are You?

Mennonites: Exploration of identity on the edge of tech

January 28, 2009
| First in a 9-week feature series on identity and technology. Rabbletv and will also feature parts of this project.
Length: 12:01 minutes (6.89 MB)
rabble radio

#76 - Whistle. STOP.

October 20, 2008
| Native protestors give the Spirit Train what for, Susan Nathan on Arab-Israeli Life, Keith sees the light at the end of the election tunnel, and LAL drop the tunes.
Length: 31:47
rabble radio

#75 - Come join our party

October 6, 2008
| Election opinions from the streets of Whitehorse. Music from Maryem Tollar. An invitation to our party. A debate-choosing guide from Keith. Ian Angus on the election and the environment.
Length: 32:36
rabble radio

#74 - Rushdie, Lewis, and campaign cogitation

September 23, 2008
| Salman Rushdie on his latest novel, Stephen Lewis on the Canadian Government, the streets of Vancouver, U.S. troubles, and the best election-time movies.
Length: 29:56
rabble radio

#73 - Eat this election fever

September 8, 2008
| Keith talks about John McCain's running mate, organic foods and how we choose them, music from Entire Cities, and the reel women head back to the 50s.
Length: 23:29

Rabble Radio #72: Art is life

August 25, 2008
| Trumpeter and poet Jason Selman talks culture, Keith crosses the border, the reel women aren't there, and rabble podcast network's newest show, The Ruckus, brings us a tune.
Length: 30:23
rabble radio

#71 - Our world, ourselves

August 11, 2008
| Again! Again! In this episode a scientist explains the depth of climate change, reel women travel Across The Universe, and Vancouver's Aboriginal Transformative Justice Society explains their methods.
Length: 28:15
rabble radio

#69 - rabble radio's wayback machine

July 14, 2008
| Journalist and refugee Farai Gonzo tells her story, a tale of migration in two voices, Keith thinks presidential candidates aren't good entertainment, and reel women take on American Gangster.
Length: 28:42
rabble radio

#68 - The power of words

July 2, 2008
| A feature interview with author Rawi Hage, who has won the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, Keith Gottschalk's swear-y tribute to George Carlin, and music from the Sunshine Variety Club.
Length: 24:16
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