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The Roaming Ear

The Roaming Ear Episode 11: Looking Down the Street

December 3, 2012
| An audio map composed for Working Jewish Stories and Treasures Jewish Businesses in Hamilton in the '50s, '60s and '70s.
Length: 12:38 minutes (18.82 MB)
The Roaming Ear

The Roaming Ear, episode 10: Street Music Manifesto

October 21, 2011
| Street Music Manifesto is about creating streetscapes that we like... full of life and music. With accordian stylings by Katie Romain of Windsor and sounds of Prague by Andrea Dancer.
Length: 11:07 minutes (7.65 MB)
The Roaming Ear

The Roaming Ear - Episode 9 - 'Fair Trade crafts''

August 5, 2010
| When you're on vacation, the low prices of weavings, jewellery and other crafts is very tempting. A visit to a Guatemalan marketplace to explore What is Fair Trade?
Length: 14:02
The Roaming Ear

The Roaming Ear - Episode 8 - "Christo, las flautos y The Chicken Bus"

July 21, 2010
| In February of this year, Victoria Fenner went down to Central America to gather material for the podcast/radio series "The Green Planet Monitor." Here are some of the sounds she brought back.
Length: 18:59
The Roaming Ear

Episode 7 - Portraits of Appalachia

December 7, 2009
| You Can't Miss It - For a newcomer, it is very difficult to navigate the Appalachian mountains of Kentucky. A circular audio tour that brings listeners to surprising places.
Length: 24:43
The Roaming Ear

Episode 6 - Two from South Asia

August 23, 2009
| Victoria Fenner revisits her trip to India, Nepal and Sri Lanka in 2006 and plays two of her favourite documentaries. Originally aired on The Green Planet Monitor.
Length: 16:35
The Roaming Ear

Episode 5 - Meeting Place - Parliament Hill

July 26, 2009
| At the turn of the century, Victoria spent the summer recording the sounds of Ottawa and turning them into documentary poems. This is her slightly irreverent take on Parliament Hill.
Length: 17:44
The Roaming Ear

The Roaming Ear - Episode 2 - The Edge of Extreme

April 28, 2009
| There are a lot more sounds on the tundra than wind and gravel. A journey to Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.
Length: 16:01
The Roaming Ear

These are a few of my favorite sounds - episode 1

April 16, 2009
| Victoria picks her favorite memories from over 20 years as a radio producer and field recording technician. Stories abound.
Length: 14:35
House of Sound and Story

Kenya Before the Storm

January 7, 2008
| Victoria Fenner reflects on her time in Kenya in the fall before the election.
Length: 19:34
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