Mar 5, 2013

Uruguay's 'poor' president is a unique leader

David Suzuki
Uruguay's President Jose Mujica has few possessions, donates most of his salary to small businesses and the poor, and lives in a ramshackle farmhouse with his wife. But don't call him "poor"!
Mar 4, 2013
Joyce Murray at the 4th Liberal leadership debate

Joyce Murray: In her own words

Christopher Majka
Joyce Murray has taken flak for proposals on political co-operation and electoral reform. "Fantasy" said Marc Garneau while Trudeau claimed proportional representation would increase partisanship.
Jan 16, 2013

Book: Gender Politics and the Olympic Industry

Helen Lenskyj says that women athletes are held to a rigid standard of heterosexual attractiveness. The result is that some woman athletes have even resorted to plastic surgery to fit the image.
Dec 24, 2012

Happy Xmas: The war is not over

Michael Laxer
There is, in fact, a road to the real spirit of this season. It is the road of re-engagement in socialist politics.
Nov 27, 2012

Postcards from the 2012 by-elections

Christopher Majka
If these by-elections pre-sage anything it is that if progressives don't find strategies for surmounting vote fragmentation the Harper Conservatives may ride up the middle to majority victory in 2015.
Oct 24, 2012

Dr. Barbara Perry on Islamophobia

Needs No Introduction
In this podcast, Dr. Barbara Perry discusses her work on the Islamophobia faced by Muslims in Ontario.
Oct 18, 2012

Raw deal: The Canadian resource economy -- Part 2

Christopher Majka
Effective resource economies add, build and extract value from natural resources. Getting there entails smart education, infrastructure and research policy. Current government policy is anything but.
Book Review
Oct 18, 2012
Social Democracy After the Cold War

What happened to social democracy?

John Warnock
In the present economic and financial crisis, we are seeing the collapse of the social democratic parties in Europe. How can they bring their former supporters back into the party?
Oct 16, 2012

Failing grades: The Canadian resource economy -- Part 1

Christopher Majka
The first principal of effective resource economies is to not squander your wealth. Blowing the wad blows your financial prospectus and robs from future generations. Canada's record? "Lamentable."
Oct 4, 2012

Gaza farmers and fishers find Canadian support

Eva Bartlett
A report recounts offenses the Israeli navy committed, including the abduction of at least 60 fishers, the shooting and injuring of at least 12 fishers, more than 13 fisher's boats taken.


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