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Ramona Wadi is a freelance writer and book reviewer. Her articles, interviews and book reviews have been published in Upside Down World, LSE Politics and Policy, Toward Freedom, and Irish Left Review.

Sailing for freedom

Freedom Sailors

by Greta Berlin and Bill Dienst, eds.
(Free Gaza Movement,

Freedom Sailors defies conventional narrative and adherence to globalist media by aligning itself with a narrative resounding with internationalism. The book provides an account replete with contrasts, highlighting the many facets of history and identifying the differing dynamics between activism and foreign policy.


From Dresden to Abu Ghraib: Western leaders get away with murder

Democracy's Blameless Leaders.

Democracy's Blameless Leaders. From Dresden to Abu Ghraib: How Leaders Evade Accountability for Abuse, Atrocity and Killing

by Neil James Mitchell
(New York University Press,

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Citing the U.S., U.K. and Israel as prime examples of democratic states infringing human rights, Democracy's Blameless Leaders delves into the evasion of accountability and responsibility for human rights violations by placing leaders of liberal democracy at the helm of this insightful treatise.


Palestinians in Israel: Life under Apartheid

Palestinians in Israel: Segregation, Discrimination and Democracy

Palestinians in Israel: Segregation, Discrimination and Democracy

by Ben White
(Pluto Press,

Ben White's insightful analysis of the Palestinian people's plight in Israel depicts politics based on racism, a split between citizens and nationals and a deep insight into repetitive stereotypes which serve to instil a false depiction of cultural traditions against a backdrop of Jewish superiority.


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