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Percy Schmeiser settles out of court with Monsanto

April 2, 2008
| The world-famous Saskatchewan farmer who took on Monsanto has won the final round of his decade-long battle over GMO contamination of his fields.
Length: 14:00

Women's Court of Canada

March 19, 2008
| A group of lawyers, academics and activists have re-written six Supreme Court of Canada equality judgments in order to challenge conventional thinking about equality.
Length: 00:00 minutes (0 bytes)

Streetcorner "stands" for housing

March 13, 2008
| Groups of citizens are standing on streetcorners across Vancouver to mark their concern about the dire lack of affordable housing in the city.
Length: 12:20

Broken Promises

March 12, 2008
| B.C. is in the middle of a child welfare crisis with nearly ten thousand children in care, half of whom are Aboriginal.
Length: 12:47

Kuba and Paradise

February 29, 2008
| Laura Lamb reviews two works by the Turkish video artist Kutlug Ataman currently showing at the Vancouver Art Gallery.
Length: 15:14

The Rights Blanket

February 25, 2008
| <p>A high-tech rainproof tarp, developed by Pivot Legal Society and Mountain Equipment Co-op, keeps homeless people dry <u>and</u> informs them about their rights.</p>
Length: 14:13

Resisting the University

February 23, 2008
| Students for a Democratic Society at UBC are organizing a conference to examine some of the tensions and contradictions of current-day universities.
Length: 10:10

Capitalism and addiction

February 14, 2008
| Bruce Alexander argues that the free market is a major factor in the spread of addiction.
Length: 14:47

Cafe Justicia

February 13, 2008
| Cafe Justicia is a coffee that supports the political work of an indigenous organization in the highlands of Guatemala.
Length: 13:22

32,000 Barbies

February 12, 2008
| Photographer Chris Jordan creates giant composite images of thousands of individual consumer objects to encourage us to think about our addiction to mass consumption.
Length: 16:37
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