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Woman swims B.C.'s second longest river

January 6, 2010
| Ali Howard swam 600 kilometres of the Skeena River to raise awareness of two major industrial threats to the watershed.
Length: 13:23

Wide variations in refugee acceptance rates

January 2, 2010
| Some Immigration and Refugee Board members approve as few as 7 per cent of all claims they hear. Others approve upwards of 80 per cent.
Length: 18:09

Former head of RCMP Public Complaints Commission comments on the Dziekanski report

December 27, 2009
| Paul Kennedy has released his report into RCMP conduct in the death of Robert Dziekanski. Shirley Heafey was chair of the RCMP Complaints Commission for 8 years. She comments on Kennedy's report.
Length: 16:02

Canada's climate policy spoofed

December 23, 2009
| Canadian activists, the Yes Men and Action Aid were behind a series of fake press releases sent out during the UN climate change summit in Copenhagen. We speak with Frans Mikael Jansen of Action Aid.
Length: 12:17

Reforming the oil and gas industry

December 18, 2009
| What if Canada's resources were owned by the government and served a public interest mandate? A new report says the oil and gas industry should work for public good rather than private gain.
Length: 12:10

A day in the life of a homeless person

December 5, 2009
| Getting a coffee, eating a balanced diet, using the bathroom - these are all tremendous challenges when you don't have a place to live. Judy Graves paints a picture of day-to-day life on the streets.
Length: 21:11

Adil Charkaoui: In his own words

September 3, 2009
| Adil Charkaoui was arrested under a Canadian security certificate in May 2003. In June 2009. he was finally allowed to leave Montreal and went on a speaking tour across Canada.
Length: 42:29

BC ambulance paramedics on strike

August 19, 2009
| Essential services legislation has kept the strike out of the public eye since April 1. Now paramedics are donning in t-shirts instead of uniforms and it's bringing them much-needed support.
Length: 14:13

Environmental footprint of Obama's Cash for Clunkers program

August 18, 2009
| Michael Niman says the Obama administration's program to encourage Americans to trade in their old cars for newer models is worse for the environment than leaving them on the road.
Length: 13:49

US military spying on peace group

August 8, 2009
| Students for a Democratic Society and Port Militarization Resistance in Olympia, Washington were infiltrated by a member of the Force Protection Service at the nearby Fort Lewis Army base.
Length: 14:32
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