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Not Rex: Adios Aveos

Photo: Not Rex
Employees of Aveos were left holding the bag after the company shut down last week.

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Death by a thousand cuts: Teachers, airline workers and Canada's public pensions

March 27 demonstration against Aveos. Photo: Karl Nerenberg

Government attacks against worker rights and the social wage are threatening hard-earned gains and advances for workers in Canada on many fronts and in many incremental ways. In this two-part series, we will look some of these struggles and what is at stake, with Part 1 focusing on the teachers' union in British Columbia, airline workers and the public pension. Part 2 takes a look at what must be done if we are to protect individual, public and social rights in Canada.

B.C. teachers defend education


Not Rex: Adios Aveos

Vulture Capital firm Ace Aviation Holdings is about to distribute $300 million to its shareholders. But employees of Aveos, a former Ace holding, were left holding the bag...

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