progressive taxation

Feb 16, 2013

Canada's tax system in dire need of reform

The idea that wealthy people should pay a much higher percentage of their income in tax sounds pretty radical these days. But a new report says it’s an important way to make taxes more fair.
Dec 7, 2011

Mind the OECD credibility gap

Andrew Jackson
Further to Toby's post, the OECD report on inequality is worth a careful read. It bolsters, through careful analysis, two key arguments long advanced by the labour movement and progressive economists.
Dec 6, 2011

OECD on inequality

Toby Sanger
Following concern expressed by the IMF, the Conference Board and thousands of protesters around the world, the OECD has just released an extensive 400-page report on the problem of growing inequality.
Nov 3, 2011

A taxing conversation: Changing the tax debate

I Read The News Today, Oh Boy!
Did you know 50 per cent of Americans don't pay tax? Neither do we, because despite what right-wing talking heads say, it isn't true. In fact, a lot of tax talk is misdirection.


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