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Under The Blue Bus - Political Parody

The upcoming Federal election (perhaps 2015) might be very dirty.

How about adding a bit of fun?

My first political parody song can be found below.
There might be more lyrics if there is enough interest.

The lyrics are released under a Creative Commons liscense so that anyone can copy, make contributions and share with others.

There is a serious message that inspired the creation of the lyrics.

More details about "Under The Blue Bus" can be found at

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Poets' Corner

On most forums I have seen there was a thread where poets could post their poems. Most of them were lively and popular. I have not seen one on Babble, so I thought I would start one to see if Babble poets will want to participate.


I will start it off with one of my own:



The pale, pastel-pink globe,
embraced by jaunty rings,
on a vast, star-studded sky,
drifted, slowly,
across my viewfinder.

…Earth slowly rotated
under my feet,
summer-dawn breeze
gently ruffled my hair…

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Word of the Day

gyandromorphophile: lover of males in the shape of females

Say it aloud to yourself. It has a lovely cadence -- almost onomatopoeic...

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'"School Stories" and Media Distortion a Greater Fiction than Fiction'

(via Brain Picker)

Children are not deceived by fairy-tales; they are often and gravely deceived by school-stories. Adults are not deceived by science-fiction; they can be deceived by the stories in the women’s magazines.- C.S. Lewis

Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t - Mark Twain

Brain Picker writer Maria Popova discusses the ideas of truth and agenda in fiction and how the idea of truth in fiction has long consumed famous writers.

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Oh you may sputter and scoff
That a limerick on babble is off
But it's the only poetical style
Which captures our wit and our guile
(And Drupal's occasional cough.)

Your turn!

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Truth, truthful, truthy

How hard is it to "write the truth"?

In a novel i've been reading, the narrator says, near the beginning, that he can't write the truth, because it keeps changing; he doesn't trust his memory.

There may be many other reasons why telling the truth is difficult, and it may be more difficult about some subjects than others. Can we even know with any degree of certainty whether we're telling the truth?


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Fragments 1-93

Hi All,

A couple of years ago, when I was separated from my wife (fortunately we have "made-up"), I started a blog of "Fragments", odd little stories/poems that had formed in my head for whatever reason over a few years.

I am still writing them, and do intend to get to 93!

I used to shy away from sharing them, but then why write them?

The link to the entire set, which can be read in order is here:


I will also post what I think are my five favourite fragments...

They may not be that good...but it is nice to have a forum outside of Facebook to share them in.

The first one I would like to post is:

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My second rabble topic! All about me!

My first one is in the introductions section.  Come to think about it, that one was all about me too.  I`m normally not like this.

I have tried doing some painting in the past, finished a canvas this fall but haven't picked up the paintbrushes since.  I think I am going to try my hand at some writing this winter, I have a few story ideas that I should really follow up on.

I think my paintings turned out OK and I am hoping the writing will too!

I would like to have some realistic dialogue in my stories, but I would like very much to avoid it turning into a cartoon of stereotypes. 

If any of you would like to help me out with this, please post here and we can get into more details about storyline, characters etc etc. 


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