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Our own insults

Personally, I have found that the most interesting portion of anyone's lexicon their propensity for words used to insult their peers. So perhaps we could share some of our more interesting creations.


Although not mine I have always enjoyed the term 'jive turkey'.

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Nouvelles en trois lignes

Dandy, anarchist, master of le mot juste, and critic of genius, Félix Fénéon published short news stories in Parisian paper Le Matin in 1906. He called them Nouvelles en trois lignes which can be translated as either "News in three lines" or "Novellas in three lines." These faits-divers were a popular genre of the period, but no one produced them with quite the poetic verve, concision, irony, humour and depth of Fénéon. I've been reading a lot of them lately--they have a haiku-like quality, but they are also emphatically journalistic, immediate and singular. Here are a few mof my recent favourites:

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How the hell does a person find a publisher?

Well, I've gone and written a book.  The working title is Mythic Trauma: Mortality Terror in Modern Capitalism.  I've got at least one decent review...Bruce Alexander, the psychologist who wrote The Globalization of Addiction, really likes it and will put his approval in writing.  Now comes the hard part...does anyone have any advice on how to find a publisher or how to persuade a publisher to publish a newbie's book? 

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Dead Chick Walking

The problem with electroshock is that it is essentially a closed head injury.  It didn't seem to work for David Foster Wallace and it doesn't seem to work for me.  Now, placebo electroshock I could get into.  The trouble is that going under anaesthetic is very much like being crucified.


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David Foster Wallace, Still Teaching After His Death

Like in The Hangover, though, suicide can't be illegal (although it was at one point, I understand) but it's definitely frowned upon.  And it should be frowned upon.  

DFW made a tragic error.  He believed (as I have believed) that the world would be better off without him.  David Foster Wallace was wrong.  Our world is diminished by his suicide.  

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Timeless Words - Inspirational Quotes

Mohandas Gandhi

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it - always. "

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Poems of Spirituality

Never Been Closer

I've hovered in the portal,
Between this world and another,
Cradled in the arms of the immortal,
I felt the pain of the mother.

I was shown the things in this life left undone,
I witnessed the struggle of the chosen ones.
All working toward a common goal.
There formed an alliance of benevolent souls.

I glimpsed the world that could be,
If humans would end this cycle of atrocity.

We have never been closer,

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Controversial Poetry

The Grinning Hero

The death machines roll like thunder,
Over the broken land.
Doesn't it make you wonder,
Who will take a stand?

The wail of the warbird mocks the screams of babies slain,
One man gives the word and the bombs fall like rain.
And in the aftermath pretentious presidents are always there,
Stomping on the flowers growing from the bodies buried everywhere.

The teddybears bleed here like the child soldier who fights with a stone,
His mother and sisters killed by the grinning hero who "couldn't have known".

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Does Rabble own my poem if I post it?

On the Rabble registration agreement it states something about anything posted becoming the property of Rabble.

[As most poets know it is nearly impossible to make a living from being a poet.  Even more-so than artists whose art is rarely ever recognised and valued until they die.

I learned this firsthand as I sat with an internationally reknowned poet who has poetry books in libraries around the world and she has even been flown to accept an award from Royalty for her poetry yet all she could barely afford to rent was the tiny bachelor suite I visited her in.]

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Written in Colour: A Symposium for Indigenous writers and writers of colour: Toronto: Sat Nov 14

I hope to attend this, which is going on this Saturday.




A Symposium for Indigenous writers and writers of colour


9am to 5pm

Potluck dinner 5pm to 7pm

Open mic and performances 7pm to 9pm

918 Bathurst Street (across from Bathurst Station)

$30 to $50 sliding scale
Or $15 - $30 sliding scale in advance, pre-registration available at the TWB

www.womensbookstore.com 416 922-8744
Wheelchair accessible. All TWB events are trans-inclusive. ALL WELCOME.

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Selling writing

while i'm thinking about it,

do people have suggestions about the process of, what is it called, selling writing?

as far as i've seen, most progressive publications don't pay actual dollars, they exchange for 'promotion' or some such.  then there are general publications.  guess it's just a matter of going through lists of editors and asking what their policy is.

well, if any of you can offer some advice, i'd appreciate it.


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quicc ting

leave ya tip top n brainless/
when I cocc the stainless/

shit I cant deny it
all I can do is supply it/

this medicine for ya ears/
have ya pourin liquor, sheddin tears/

den ready to bus queers/
licc 6 shotz let out 3 cheerz/

know some of yall, been in the game for years/
that mean, yall not that keen, need ta stay clean/

n make it up thru the rap scene/
blow the sticcy, aka the doja/

gave ya girl a hiccy, told her I was olda/
cuz itz us yunga niggas n we takin ova/

have u on the floor like u was a dog named dova/
nigga I got the rova,

tell me, r ya feelin like a clova?/

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looking for info on website creation and blogging for a writing project


I started a writing group a few months ago with the intention to self-publish some short stories and to just have fun meeting weekly and doing prompt writing. Now we are at the stage where we started a blog and we would like to create a web site, but we are pretty naive about such things. I was wondering if anyone out there could suggest web site creation software, tutorials, or where to go on the net to go about creating a site. I am pretty sure I could do it, but I would like to start off in the right place to avoid having to go back again to do it right.


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High Ting

came home from somewhere chopped was on a lyrical tip n I been writin for a minute now lol wow like almost a good 1.5 hours but this the result bunch of dif flows every couple lines


prison floor cmae out this had like the 1st 6 bars on that changed it up wrote more boom a verse


my shitz a work in progress nigga getz better every time :)


archive shit n expand each flow into a verse


Copyrighted U already know and dont talk shit about what the content is


it is what it is Im saving it here im not here to be lectured, insulted, basically

"if u aint been thru it too u aint got no right to tell me what to do"

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Prison Floor

dis was gonna be a part of the other ting but I just continued on the flow (the 1st 2 lines just came a couple days ago in a free ting and they were all I remembered)


Just in case comp goes down this a archive cuzz n I know yall reading some of em Smile 


(got some notes to self in der lol Im chopped u never know)

but they say itz a revolvin door to the prison floor/
tell me is that what u livin for/

tell me what u think as I load for war/
flush it down the sink n theyll checc the drawer/

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started off lil while ago carried the lines around kept adding now itz long as shit lol

havin dreams of dien while in sleepin/
seems im destined to be creepin/

sprayin, n prayin that my momz aint be weepin/
cuz maybe as im turnin yall to gravy/

I go to a early g-r-a-v-e, cant ya c seems it was meant to be/
destined for me, to be fightin even if im feelin down/

fucc it jus load up anotha round, no time if no body found/
will I stay free as I paint anotha scene wit the infra red beam/

throwin cz as my schemes comin tru, gunnin crews, rex n hataz fucc u too/
cuz Im rbg like g-a-r-v-y, pass the blunt blow it out to the sky/

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lil ting I wrote dis morning or yesterday I think


added the last line jus now lol



anotha momma went n loss her only child/
me I fit the victim n suspect profile/

jus anotha juvenile a yung nigga that be runnin n gunnin wild/
feedin fiendz till he goes in for the nex while/

b4 they died all my homies did was smile, no matta the situation/
at the station, this or that nation, no matta what we facin/

neva showed no frustration, even when we was starvin, ready to barge in/
tryna live large n itz wit the shotz that Im carvin/

a artist, the smartest, the hardest, the one that neva getz carded/



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