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Trader Joe's, how about using only 100% biodegradeable recycled packaging

In 2011, activists asked Trader Joe's to stop throwing out food, and the former president of Trader Joes, Dan Rauch, responded by launching a business model for food that is past the expiry date. 

Unfortunately a lot of the produce, nuts, and frozen goods are not in 100% recycleable and biodegradeable packaging.  We have caused to our biosphere and personal health a lot of damage through our plastic usage and need to build more sustainable models with industry leaders, like Trader Joes.

Trader Joe's could set the standard of which direction our food systems need to move in in order to ensure sustainable business practices and protect our personal and environmental health.


Scientists say this herbicide causes cancer

monsanto protest

The cancer research arm of the World Health Organization just warned Monsanto's that Glyphosate, the basis for RoundUp, probably causes cancer. It's huge news and Canadian regulators are scrambling to respond. Instead of working to protect people from the impact of a possible carcinogen, Monsanto is going all out to get the report retracted! Only a massive public campaign can get this poison suspended.


Living art by Bonnie Gale
| January 18, 2015
Earth Day 2011 in Vancouver. Photo by eych-bee-ee-ahr-tee, Flickr
| April 22, 2012
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