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Expect more Casseroles across Canada

Pots and pans solidarity from way up in Dawson City, Yukon. (Photo: Wanda Roe)
A day after Casseroles for Quebec students were held in 70 cities and towns - including Dawson City, Yukon - the Charest government has called off talks.

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Dear Jean Charest: This is what democracy looks like

This was the view from the front of the march today in Montreal. (Photo: Justin Ling)
Hundreds of thousands marched today against Charest's 'Special Law' and in support of Quebec's student strike.

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The red square of solidarity for Quebec students is spreading far and wide

Carré rouge pour l'éducation. (Photo: Photomaxmtl / flickr)
When Quebec students hit the streets in a massive rally Tuesday, they won't be alone. Solidarity is spreading and so is their symbol, the red square.

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'Special law' condemned by students and civil society in Quebec

Photo: (Socialist Canada, Socialist Quebec / flickr)
A number of civil society groups have denounced the Charest government's emergency law against Quebec's student strike.

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Emergency law or not, Quebec student night protests continue

This has been the scene for weeks, with police sent out against night protests. Now the Charest government has announced an emergency law against the student strike. (Photo: Hicham Souilmi / flickr)
Quebec's Charest government announced an emergency law against the student strike, but that didn't stop thousands from joining another night protest.

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Photo: Alexandre Guédon/Flickr
| February 18, 2013

Quebec government steps up police repression as student movement seeks to broaden struggle

This promises to be a familiar scene this summer in Montreal. (Photo: fatseth / flickr)

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The opening salvo in a promised, summer of protest by Quebec's student movement was delivered at the annual, Montreal Grand Prix auto race and surrounding festivities from June 7 to 10. Hundreds, sometimes thousands, of students and their allies used the high-profile event to press demands for a freeze in post-secondary tuition fees and an end to police and state repression.


| June 7, 2012
| May 30, 2012
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