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Dec 5, 2014
Image: Alice Shen

Everything is problematic

Aurora Dagny
One former activist's journey to a dark political world, and how she escaped.
Jun 10, 2013

Heels On Wheels

The F Word
Ariana Barer speaks with Heels on Wheels about their Glitter Roadshow "fueled by underemployment and the conviction that queer, feminine-spectrum folks' art works are critically important to share."
Activist Toolkit

Same-sex marriage

On This Day
Same-sex marriage came to Canada in the early 2000s. Read more on its history here.
Dec 27, 2011

Top 10 tools for Canadian activists

Steffanie Pinch
This countdown lists the most important tools for burgeoning activists, from Canadian activist history to guides that will shape your campaigns.
Activist Toolkit

We demand

On This Day
We demand was the first major protest for queer rights
Feb 3, 2010

Queer Ontario launch: 'Speaker's Corner'

Queer Ontario is a new queer political activist group. At its launch party, people were asked: "What key issues should the newly-found queer activist group address in the near future?"
Aug 10, 2009

Indie Inside: Enjoy Troy

Toronto's Troy Jackson gives you something to make you move as well as think... enjoy Troy.


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