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President Obama: Change the world can believe in?

Sunera Thobani
There will no doubt be much celebration in the U.S. and around the world for an Obama victory on November 4. But if this victory is to be meaningful, Obama will need to mobilize the American populat

Bridging two worlds: Mohawk filmmaker Tracey Deer

June Chua
Tears are streaming down Tracey Deer's face. The filmmaker is recounting the 1990 Oka crisis in which members of the Mohawk community of Kanesatake took a stand in the band's land dispute against the

Can charcoal paint the world green?

Myles Estey
Amidst growing documentation of global warming and its dangers, a simple method of carbon sequestration has been quietly demonstrating potential to play an integral role in the fight against climate

B.C. priorities: Is Campbell getting it right?

Marjorie Griffin Cohen and Seth Klein
Despite years of economic growth, B.C. has the highest poverty rates in the country (by any measure used). Thirteen percent of the population is living in poverty, and for five years running B.C. ha

Itâe(TM)s time for an electoral reform uprising

Larry Gordon
Another federal election. Another train wreck for democracy. We have seen it all before. The only question is whether we learned anything new this time. As Albert Einstein said, âeoeInsanity is

Docs rock the VIFF

Gina Whitfield
The 27th annual Vancouver International Film Festival wrapped earlier this month. Hereâe(TM)s a compilation of reviews that focus on some of the films that had both substance and hype in this ye

Free markets fail

Duncan Cameron
The main operating assumption of the neoliberal era is now everywhere in question.

Who will write the United States' next great poem?

Bernadette L. Wagner
Some say Obama's followers are cult-like, cheerleaders for a good sales pitch. I don't think so. One hundred thousand people do not show up to a political rally for a sales pitch or cheerleading duty

Introducing our new website

Kim Elliott
Preparations for today&#226;e(TM)s relaunch event on Media Democracy Day have been percolating for months. Now the big day is here! We welcome you to explore the beta version of the new rabble, <a hr


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