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Apr 18, 2008

Ottawa groups confront the business of war

Lia Tarachansky
The list of corporations bidding on current major Crown projects includes the usual suspects, but the involvement of such civilian-use corporations as 3M Canada and Telus makes it clear the profitabl
Apr 16, 2008

Feminist performance artists break barriers

June Chua
Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan have been making provocative and consciousness-raising art for more than two decades. Their latest project is what they've termed their own "terrorist organization dev
Apr 15, 2008

Lowering the Peace Tower flag

Sharon Fraser
Whose life âe" and whose death âe" is worth more in our national consciousness? The issue turned up in the news after a non-partisan committee advised the government to scale back the numbe
Apr 14, 2008

Dr. Gabor Maté weighs in on addiction

Am Johal
Dr. Gabor Mat&#195;&#169; is a physician and author, who has most recently worked with the Portland Hotel Society in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. He spoke with Am Johal about his new book,<em> In
Apr 11, 2008

Meet the U.S. War Machine's worst nightmare

Tarnjit Johal and Anita Krajnc
Dr. Dahlia Wasfi, an American-Iraqi activist, confronts the complacency and fatigue that characterizes the reporting of the war in mainstream media.
Apr 11, 2008

Safety second at Chalk River nuclear reactor?

Stephen Salaff
With the April 26 anniversary of Ukraine's Chernobyl nuclear accident approaching, North Americans should consider the disastrous nuclear power runaway lurking at the Chalk River National Research Un
Apr 10, 2008

Sheep, mudslides and the left online

Wayne MacPhail
Instead of working together for a deeply resonant collective action that could make ripples beyond our own small circle, we too often are willing to bifurcate at a sneeze.
Apr 9, 2008

Hunger in Haiti: Protesters face repression

Roger Annis
Foreign countries, principally Canada, the U.S. and France, have pumped several billion dollars into Haiti since 2004 while the average Haitian has seen no improvement in their living conditions.
Apr 9, 2008

The JNF: Charitable tax status for racism?

Edward C. Corrigan
It is the opinion of many individuals, including many Jews, that the Jewish National Fund is a racist organization that discriminates against non-Jews.
Apr 9, 2008

Coup d'&#195;&#169;tat in Indian Country

Martin Lukacs
The regime change has left the Barriere Lake reservation in a political crisis, amid allegations that the government's actions are its way of canning a co-management agreement Barriere Lake signed wi


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