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Jun 3, 2001

Native Wedding Rite Gets No Respect

Glen Whiffen
Newfoundland does not legally recognize traditional Aboriginal marriage ceremonies. The same is true of other provincial governments. Partly because of this, Newfoundland's Conne River Band has seen
Jun 1, 2001

Higher Education

Jane George
On Tuesday, June 12th, the University of the Arctic opens its virtual doors. With an official launch in Rovaniemi, Finland, this "university without walls" will serve students throughout the circumpo
Jun 1, 2001

No Reply

Richard Mackin
Why is it unbelievable that a vegan burger is meatless? Here are poems to Trix the Rabbit, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and Biore's blackhead strips. Where are Keebler's cookie personnel? General Electr
May 31, 2001

Can the NDP be Reborn?

Judy Rebick
The New Democratic Party is in deep crisis. While the broad left is experiencing a youthful and energetic renewal on the streets and through citizen groups, little if any of this new energy is makin
May 29, 2001

Sunil Singh

Finn Harvor
When a brokerage company messenger has more drops added to a day, "Instead of enjoying the walk, you're rushing, you're jay-walking in circumstances where it may be dangerous, you're going across red
May 28, 2001

The Gift of Guerrilla Giving

Geoff Olson
Slipping a twenty to someone on the street won't right our culture's social, political and economic wrongs. Still, it can mean a lot, both to the giver and the receiver.
May 25, 2001

Housing Crisis in Aboriginal Communities

Wojtek Dabrowski
The national chief of the Assembly of First Nations, Matthew Coon Come, says that only 80,000 houses exist for the 750,000 aboriginals across Canada. That's about one house for every nine people. He
May 25, 2001

New Age Nazis

Nate Hendley
Controversial conspiracy theorists are finding new forums at alternative health, medicine and spirituality events. This is a story about the relationship between the far-out and the far right.
May 24, 2001

The Media's Freedom of Expression in India

Kokila Jacob
In this country, politicians can easily revoke the right to free expression. The price they paid for doing so in the past has been high. India's media have prevailed over occasional intimidation from
May 23, 2001

Municipalities Fight Back

Kate Heartfield
Local government is taking on global trade. Across Canada, municipalities have gone public with their worries about what free trade can do to towns and cities. When the Federation of Canadian Municip


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