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May 19, 2008

Ottawa silent as Afghanistan's democracy stifled

Alexa McDonough
On May 21, 2007, Malalai Joya was suspended from Afghanistan's parliament. Over the past year, the Harper government has deliberately avoided several opportunities to address Joya's mistreatment.
Oct 22, 2007

A new generation at rabble.ca

Kim Elliott, Duncan Cameron, Derrick O'Keefe
Conrad Black may be heading to jail, but Canada&#226;e(TM)s media remains shackled to corporate concentration and a lack of critical perspectives. Over the past seven years, <em>rabble.ca</em> has be
Sep 12, 2008

War and punishment, crime and peace

Krystalline Kraus
Currently, the Harper government chooses to honour the war resisters' acts of humanity and resistance by deporting them back to the U.S. to face consequences such as prison terms.
Sep 12, 2008

We're on the campaign trail

rabble staff
When Stephen Harper made his snap election call official last Sunday, <em>rabble.ca</em> was right there ready to dissect every cynical step of the PM's campaign with the launch of our special federa
Oct 9, 2008

Want to work with Aboriginal youth?

So I'm getting a little sick and tired of organizations, service providers, academics, institutions, governments, NGOs, and adults in general taking a &quot;vested&quot; interest in working with us...
Sep 15, 2008

After Emerson: Van-Kingsway is a riding to watch

Am Johal
With this month's election call the unpopular floor-crossing David Emerson finally announced he would not be seeking re-election in Vancouver-Kingsway. Don Davies, the local NDP candidate, is hoping
Sep 10, 2008

Brad "Wall-Mart" and Saskatchewan's right turn

Bernadette Wagner
When Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party swept to power in the November 2007 Saskatchewan election most lefties knew it would mean a sharp shift to the right.
Sep 9, 2008

Water fountains dying out on Canadian campuses

Tor Sandberg
A recent study showed that over a third of respondents had noticed water fountains slowly disappearing from their campuses, while 43 per cent cited delays in repairing them.
Sep 8, 2008

Tar sands lobbyists focus on Democrats

Chris Arsenault
As the U.S. election campaign kicks into overdrive, Canadian politicians and oil executives are stepping up lobbying efforts to make sure whoever controls the White House keeps purchasing notoriously
Sep 7, 2008

Vote for quagmire? Making the war an issue

Derrick O'Keefe
Mounting public dissatisfaction with the war, rising casualty totals and an almost absolute lack of even token examples of "progress" achieved on-the-ground &#226;e" it would seem to be the perfect s


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