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Aug 20, 2008

Komagata Maru: Another sorry apology from Harper

Harsha Walia
In the past few weeks, much has been written about Prime Minister Stephen Harper's so-called apology regarding the Komagata Maru incident, which was delivered in Surrey on August 3, 2008.
Aug 19, 2008

Torture taking flight from Canada?

Matthew Behrens
Skyservice had ignored six months of correspondence seeking a meeting to discuss our concerns about their possible contracts to deport Canada's secret trial detainees to torture.
Aug 18, 2008

Nader in Canada: 'Unreasonable man' runs again

Henry Martinuk
Ralph Nader, Independent candidate for U.S. president, spoke in Toronto on August 11 in an effort to attract the support of some of the 700,000 Americans who live in Canada. The perennial third party
Aug 18, 2008

Canadian activist: Games are time to talk Tibet

Derrick O'Keefe
Melanie Raoul, a Canadian Free Tibet activist, thinks that the ongoing Beijing Olympics make for an ideal time to talk about China's human rights record and about the aspirations for self-determinati
Aug 14, 2008

Norway's Kven people: A divided history

June Chua
Here I am, back on top of the world. I am in Børselv, Norway and if you want to look it up, it is way past the Arctic Circle, about 72 degrees north.
Aug 13, 2008

How free trade fuels 'banana wars'

Gavin Fridell
One of the major sideshows at the Doha round negotiations in Geneva that collapsed in stalemate at the end of July was the latest round in the âeoebanana wars.âe
Aug 11, 2008

Labour leaders report back: No to Colombia FTA

Denis Lemelin, Paul Moist, John Gordon and George Heyman
We visited Colombia from July 18-25 on behalf of one million Canadian public sector workers. Our mission, among other tasks, was to see for ourselves whether our opposition to the Canada-Colombia fre
Jul 25, 2008

Stratford: Cool theatre for summer's parching heat

Robin Breon
The Stratford Shakespeare Festival and Niagara-on-the-Lake's Shaw Festival are both feeling the pinch from the rise in oil and gas prices. Both institutions are, however, offering fresh and innovativ
Jul 24, 2008

Premiers bow to corporate pressure in Quebec City

The Council of Canadians
A new dispute resolution process, which Canada's premiers agreed to include in the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) at last week's Council of the Federation meeting, is unnecessary, anti-democratic
Jul 23, 2008

Miami: 'Ground Zero' of U.S. housing crisis

Laura Flanders
The presidential candidates are unlikely, ever, to talk about today's housing crisis and sustainable development in a place like the Miami neighbourhood of Overtown.


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