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Jul 4, 2008

Speak no evil: Sri Lanka suppresses media

Kshama Ranawana
Successive governments in Sri Lanka and competing militant organizations have attempted to suppress the media and stifle professionalism with a combination of violence and legal constrains.
Jul 2, 2008

What Ottawa didn't tell you about Colombia FTA

Augusto Bohórquez
Trade Minister David Emerson said that this agreement "will help to solidify the efforts of the Colombian government to create a more secure, prosperous and equitable democracy." This leads one to as
Jun 30, 2008

The pen is mightier: Iranian journalist speaks out

Am Johal
Omid Memarian worked as a journalist for reformist newspapers until the Iranian government cracked down on the press and shuttered most of the independent papers. Refusing to admit defeat, Mr. Memari
Jun 26, 2008

U.K. lessons: After the New Labour debacle

Hilary Wainwright
New Labour is now reaping what it has itself sown: a cumulative weakening of the values of social solidarity, public service and altruism, which provide the invisible bedrock on which the electoral f
Jun 25, 2008

OCAP: Poverty reduction committee 'a distraction'

Krystalline Kraus
An interview with Mac Scott of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty: "I think they should have taken Deb Matthews's funding and salary and put it into people's welfare cheques. That would have been
Jun 25, 2008

The E Word: Harper hostile to equality

Shelagh Day
The Harper government reinstated funding for constitutional challenges based on minority language rights, while continuing to deny funding for equality rights challenges.
Jun 23, 2008

TILMA makes pariahs out of Alberta and B.C.

Carleen Pickard
Under TILMA, provincial, local and government agency policies designed to protect the environment or the health of communities are, incredibly, not exempt from potential corporate lawsuits claiming t
Jun 20, 2008

The Wal-Martization of our cities

Roger Keil
Why is a proposed big box retail emporium on Eastern Avenue in Leslieville symptomatic of our urban crisis? The answer is that in this topsy-turvy world, what looks like investment is disinvestment,
Jun 18, 2008

Queen's Park to Grassy Narrows: Organizing to win

Carmelle Wolfson
In just a couple weeks, we've seen amazing gains for First Nations communities in Ontario, from Grassy Narrows to KI and Ardoch. Finally, diverse communities, organizations and individuals who have b


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