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Why talk of intervention in Syria? It's not about human rights or democracy

This is the second of a two-part commentary by Nahla Abdo. Part I looked at the 'Dark Fall' threatening that has followed the Arab Spring.


Has the Arab Spring given way to a Dark Fall?

Tahrir Square. (Photo: Hossam el-Hamalawy / flickr)

In order to provide an intelligible understanding and analysis of the current situation in the Middle East, especially regarding Syria, it is important to briefly discuss the current Middle Eastern context within the larger frame of U.S. and European imperialism.

Throughout the last year, people all over the globe - especially on the left, the young and progressives - have been living the excitement of the achievements of the peoples in various parts of the Arab world, especially Tunisia and Egypt.

I am sure that also many of us were cheering for the NATO invasion - at the request of most members in the Arab League - which at the time we thought of as a life-saving intervention!


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