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Ottawa babblers come celebrate with Dec. 4

Save the date: December 4, 2013

 To celebrate and Straight Goods News joining forces, and co- sponsor the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives will be hosting a holiday fun fundraiser and tribute to SG founder Ish Theilheimer.

Join us in Ottawa at the Parliamentary Pub on Sparks St from 5-7 pm on Wednesday December 4.

Listen to live music from’s duo Karl on Parl on keyboard, and Ish on jazz fiddle, join surprise guest MPS, enjoy munchies and your favorite libation, and meet with publisher Kim Elliott, and President Duncan Cameron. brings you News for the Rest of Us and a party like no other December 4, 2013.
RSVP before December 2

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Help With Computer Keyboard, Please

Some of the keys on my laptop have alternative symbols written in green. I accidentally hit a key (or perhaps a combination of keys) that has switched me over to the green symbols on these keys.

For instance, here is a question mark: É

And an apostrophe: È

And a backslash: ù

I have tried all kinds of combinations to reset it and I have looked on the net but cannot find anything. Could a tech-savvy babbler help me out (question mark).

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No audio on YouTube videos

Suddenly there is no sound on any YouTube video I try to play. Other online videos are fine, whether an alternative to YouTube such as Vimeo or Daily Motion, or media sites.

There is the little x next to the speaker icon at the bottom left of each YouTube, indicating that the sound is switched off. Of course I've clicked on it, but nothing happens, and have also rebooted after updating my Flash.


I'm on a recent MacBook.

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Question re: Facebook

I am being bothered by somebody I used to date. Voice mail hang ups (# noted), late-night intercom buzzes at my apartment (ignored), and too many coincidental "bump intos" in my neighbourhood.

I have a Facebook page and I've been reading about "stalker apps" which supposedly allow you to see who's been accessing your profile. Want to make it clear that I'm not caring who is messaging me or adding to my timeline. I'm just wanting to know if this guy is calling up my page and not leaving a trace.

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Computer Woes

Any computer-savvy babblers handy?

I upgraded to Google Chrome, decided it was too fussy and I didn't like it so attempted to get rid of it. Oh boy! It deleted everything - I couldn't even connect to the Internet. It was like the program was saying "Okay, you don't want me? Then fuck you!" Anyway, the kind folks at my internet service provider company got me back up and running.

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Is anybody familiar with this? I want to delete a blog but I don't know my user name or my password (it was from ages ago). doesn't accept emails so I can't just request this from them. Any help would be most appreciated.

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Deer-Proof Plants

I live in a ground floor apartment with a small patio that needs some sprucing up. I'd like to get a couple of big planters and have year-round plants to enjoy when I look out the window. My only problem, though, is I'm visited fairly regularly by deer (which is funny, really, because I'm quite close to town). Anyway, the deer are welcome and I love them (I feed them fruit and nut granola bars -- I'm sure my landlord would be thrilled!) but I don't necessarily want them eating my plants.

So, could a horticulturally savvy babbler recommend one or two suitable deer-proof, year-round species of plant? Any input would be much appreciated.

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Additional resources for Ontarians limited to OAS and GIS

Hi everyone, 

I'm just wondering if anyone can point me to further information, or to an organization that can (other than Service Canada, which tells me that the monthly max for single pensioners is 1,286.51). Is any other help available to those with no assets and no private pension? 

Asking for someone I know - your help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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making it easier to create a thread-mods-technical????

Is it just me or would it be really helpful to have a "create new post" button on the "active topics" page rather than having to go into the main babble page, then clicking on one of the topics, then getting to where the new post button is?

i just have the active topics page bookmarked, seems it'd be much easier to have the ability to create a post from that page since that's where you are when you're reading babble.


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Sub-forum for IT and society? #ParticipatoryDeliberation

35years ago I recall working with fellows on what was best tech for "development education". Does anybody remember "slide/tape shows"? That was hi-tech back then! :-)

I'm working on a discourse system. Think of forum software on steroids. (Actually, I should say "Think of forum software as though we were living in 2013 and not 2002, but that might sound snide.)

Would someone help me out by suggesting an appropriate sub-forum? "Technology" is awefully vague, and not quite on point. "Governance" would probably be most accurate.

thanks in advance




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How do you clean your bathroom?

Squeamish trigger warning.

So this is a longstanding quandary for me, having many decades experience. I walk into some of my friends house (very few, actually, but enough to know that there must be more of them out there) and their bathrooms just sparkle. Spotlessly. All of the usual trouble spots for me are flawless. How do these people do it, I wonder?

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creating new information database

I'd appreciate a few opinions. I'd like to post a project I'm working on, an information database and social research tool based on the "incident". (Nothing is, or will be, for sale, this is a personal project.)

The main potential problem is the length. The initial description will be about 20 pages of text, no figures, which I was going to post in 3 sections. After that I have a few questions about how the information is being presented, the concept, etc.

I'm not the best writer, and I include many statements related to motivation and a number of elements related to the nature of public control, but I'm not willing to take anything out. If I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it all the way.

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Would you like to help get the word out regarding an effort to create the largest annual fundraising effort in Canada for the environment? Please read the following blog, act and spread it far and wide.

We also need MEC members in Vancouver to attend the AGM of MEC in April, and vote in favour of our motion.




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Questions for Don Drummond

Don Drummond is attending my university, so I have the opportunity to grill him with questions. Anyone have any good ideas for questions to ask? I wish we could just mic check him...


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