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Queers come out against Israeli apartheid at Toronto Pride

rabbletv coverage of Toronto Pride 2009 with Queers Against Israeli Apartheid.

After pressure to ban the group Pride Toronto stood its ground and today Queers Against Israeli Apartheid took to the streets.

For more information about this march and some of the violence directed towards the group (missed by the video), click here.

Quick Change - Janet Bike Girl

You're watching "Quick Change - Ten Minutes with the Tenants of Centre for Social Innovation."

In this second episode of Quick Change, host Wayne MacPhail (http://w8nc.com) interviews Centre for Social Innovation tenant Janet Bike Girl (Attard) about bike activism, stencils and recycling.

GM to declare bankruptcy

GM bankruptcy restructuring puts risk on to workers and has no vision for a green transportation system.

rabbletv hosts documentary on striking CUPE Ontario workers

This short documentary film produced by Min Sook Lee chronicles the struggles of municipal workers in Windsor, Ontario after they are forced to go on strike to protect benefits and pensions for future generations.

To this date, these municipal workers have been on strike nearly two months, fighting to preserve pensions and benefits for future generations.

Produced by CUPE Ontario.

Iranians unite at Queen's Park

On Sunday June 20 at Queen's Park in Toronto, hundreds of Iranians gathered to honour the dead and call for a free democratic society in Iran.

Produced by rabbletv's Sachin Seth.

Before and after Stonewall

The political climate before the explosion at Stonewall in New York's Greenwich Village in 1969 has been artfully documented by John Scagliotti, whose films Before Stonewall and After Stonewall tell the story of gay activism and the struggle for social justice throughout the twentieth century. You can find out more about Scagliotti's work here

This video brought to you by our content partner GRITtv.

Embracing Twitter from the top down

Viigo President and CEO Mark Ruddock talks to rabbletv's Wayne MacPhail about how he uses Twitter to keep track of his company's social media shadow, stay on top of competitors and connect with his customers. rabbletv caught up with him at the Social Media Summit in Toronto, April 29, 2009 put on by the Advanced Learning Institute.

What's hot at the Congress 09 book fair

What are the topics and books that are buzzing at Congress 09's book fair? rabble.ca was there to show you.

Quick Change - Darkhorse Espresso Bar

Co-owners Deanna Zunde and Ed Lynds talk with host Wayne MacPhail about the Darkhorse, their coffeehouse on the ground floor of the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto. This video is a part of the Quick Change series for rabbletv

Security certificates in Canada and the continuing disregard for human rights

In Ottawa on Saturday, May 9th, a rally was held by the human rights monument to draw attention to security certificate use in Canada. This clip was filmed by Bill Clennett.


Also, don't miss this video of Mohamed Harket as he finally gets to exercise his right to free speech.
Mohamed Harkat was arrested on December 10th, 2002 (International Human Rights Day) under a Security Certificate and spent 43 months in jail without ever being charged or having access to the evidence. After one year in solitary confinement and 3.5 years in jail, he was released on bail in June of 2006 under the toughest bail conditions in Canadian history.

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