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Watch LIVE 7PM tonight: (Un)lawful Access Townhall with Andrew Cash, Charlie Angus, Jessie Hirsh

How far is the Conservative government planning on going with its "Lawful ... Access" online snooping bill?

Think police should have access to YOUR Internet and cell phone records without a warrant? Join the (Un)lawful Access Townhall Meeting! Hosted by Andrew Cash, MP for Davenport, with guest speakers: Ron Deibert from Citizen Lab/Canada Centre, UofT, Steve Anderson from Openmedia.ca, MP Charlie Angus and Jesse Hirsh, President, Metaviews.ca. Tune it at 7PM to watch live.

Join the fight to stop this invasive legislation and protect our privacy rights. If enough of us speak out now, the government will have no choice but to stop this mandatory online spying scheme. Sign the petition by Openmedia.ca


Love in action: Poet Drew Dellinger at Occupy Oakland

It's time to rock the nation, rock this occupation! A powerful video of the Occupy Poem by acclaimed spoken word artist Drew Dellinger (www.planetizethemovement.com), shot and edited by award winning filmmaker Velcrow Ripper. Filmed Nov. 2.

Occupy Calgary: Prof. Tony Hall speaks at Calgary City Hall

Saturday, Nov. 12, 2011: Professor Anthony J. Hall addresses an audience at Occupy Calgary, sending words of encouragement to the protesters and calling for a global general strike. 

(In)Equality Matters: Social justice and the economy

Toronto! Incensed by skyrocketing corporate profits and plummeting average incomes? Think wealthy Canadians and corporations should contribute more to public goods and services? Why aren't they? What can we do about it?

Watch the rebroadcast of the Inter Pares and Canadians for Tax Fairness discussion on how to foster economic equality.

Jean Symes from Inter Pares, Armine Yalnizyan, one of Canada's leading progressive economists, and Dr. Yao Graham, renowned African activist and coordinator of Third World Network-Africa, speak about examples of deepening economic inequality they see in communities worldwide, and what we can do about it.


Brigette DePape in Vancouver: Thinking Outside the Ballot Box

2011 has been a real year of uprisings for social change -- from the Arab Spring to the recent Occupy Wall Street movement and the mass civil disobedience against the tar sands Keystone XL pipeline. Here in Canada, we are facing a majority Conservative government. How can we make change and build powerful movements for social justice?

One thing's for sure, young people will need to help lead the way. And that's exactly what happened back in June when a 21-year-old Senate page disrupted Harper's swearing in with a creative act of civil disobedience.


Messages from aboard the Canadian Boat to Gaza -- as they enter international waters

Ehab Lotayef and David Heap report from aboard the Tahrir, shortly after they entered into international waters on November 2, 2011. In his video message, Lotayef explains: "The goal is to say that the blockade is inhumane and must end. We are not going to challenge Israel physically. We are a peaceful mission, committed to the safety of the Tahrir and the Irish boat as well." Filmed by fellow passenger, Michael Coleman.



The boat continued into international waters today, moving closer to Gaza. See a report back from PressTV here.

Indignez-vous: Public Forum

rabble.ca is live-streaming the "Indignez-Vous! Hope in Resistance" conference this Friday and Saturday. Indignez-Vous! is organized by the Council of Canadians, Alternatives, Eau Secours!, AQLPA, and MQRP. At Friday evening's opening plenary, thekeynote speakers were Maude Barlow, National Chairperson of the Council of Canadians; Louis Roy, President of the Confederation des Syndicats Nationaux; Ellen Gabriel, Mohawk from Kanehsatake, activist for Indigenous Rights; Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, L'Association pour une Solidarité Syndicale Étudiante. The forum also included a short film featuring Stephane Hessel, activist and author of Indignez-Vous! The evening began with a welcoming ceremony from a Mohawk Elder.


LIVE Friday and Saturday: Watch 'Indignez-Vous!' conference on rabble.ca

rabble.ca will live-stream the "Indignez-Vous! Hope in Resistance" conference this Friday and Saturday. Indignez-Vous! is being organized by the Council of Canadians/ le Conseil des Canadiens, Alternatives, Eau Secours!, Association québécoise de lutte contre la pollution atmosphérique (AQLPA), and Médecins Quebecois pour la regime publique (MQRP).


Avi Lewis on why you don't want to miss Stephen Lewis and Michelle Landsberg -- in conversation in Toronto

Avi Lewis gives a plug in the spirit of "unapologetic, progressive nepotism" for this year's David Lewis Lecture. Join Stephen Lewis and Michelle Landsberg on Nov. 3 in Toronto for a conversation that will address the #Occupy movement, corporate welfare bums... and more! Details: http://www.policyalternatives.ca/david-lewis-lecture

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