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Calgary or Vancouver?

Hi fellow Babblers,

Originally from Toronto, I've been living outside of North America for about 15 years.  Now I'm planning to come back to Canada but instead of returning to T.O., I want to live and work in the West. 

I'd appreciate any comments or advice on (a) where the jobs are these days, and (b) which city you think would be preferable for a gal to make a fresh start and put down roots.  I'm single with no kids and in my late 40s.  I work as an executive assistant or legal assistant.

Thanks a lot!

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Hephaestion Remembered


As we learned earlier this week, Hephaestion has died.   Many of us here do not believe in an afterlife, a place were the soul goes.   But something of us does live on in others.   I believe that if we took time to consider the lives of those who have left us, and chose to not just contemplate, but recognize and echo the best of that person, the world would be a better place.


And, as much as it is possible to know anyone through a message board, or through postings, making the world a better place was what made Hephaestion's heart beat.


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Justice for Junior... updates? Petition.

Hey babblers,

For those of you who don't know, in May 5th an 18 year old in Toronto was beaten to death by the cops after he fled on foot from a routine traffic stop.

His name was Junior 'Tubbz' Manon.

The police originally said that he collapsed while running away. They claimed he died of a heart attack.

Eyewitness accounts are contrary to this story. First two cops were seen beating him, later being joined by five more.  When his body was viewed before autopsy he was bloody and bruised and still had a neck brace on.

The story is here:

The SIU is "on the case", but I hold out little hope for justice.

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Do you pay your babysitter minimum wage?

I'm interested to know what other babbler parents do.  In BC, minimum wage is $8; it's $6 for first job/entry level.

Do the specifics change the answer - i.e. age of the babysitter, number and age of kids to watch, number of hours, time of day (late night? evening, when kids are sleeping? morning or afternoon, when kids are active?), suggestion of the parents of the babysitter that their teen be paid below minimum, parent who is hiring supported the "six bucks sucks" campaign here in BC, other?

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Integration of Immgrants in Canada

I would like to know if there is an existing thread on Babble regarding why mmigrants to Canada do not integrate into the Canadian system and why the Government is offering special priviledges to them, so that tyhey don't feel the need for integration.

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Planning a Trip

Now, I suck at this. For about the past 4 or 5 years, I've really wanted a vacation - and day trips into Toronto just don't quite feel like a vacation anymore. I'm terrible at planning these things, every time I've attempted to travel things have gotten weird (someone dies, my tour of Greece is cancelled due to protests, etc.) and I am not a particularly well pecuniated person. I don't have a lot of money and have never really been able to escape my hometown - particularly on my own/without my family. Needless to say I have 0 experience in such endeavours. Last year I tried to plan a hitchhike to Quebec, but that fell through. Previously I had applied to working vacations or jobs outside of Ontario, but was never accepted/no one got back to me.

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A touch of frost, final episode.

Last night was the final episode and it seems they had made three possible endings. One could go on and check out what the alternate endings could have been.

i have dial-up and there was no way that I could watch tthe endings as it is just too slow. i am curious thought what the other ending were.

I hope someone can help. thanks.

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What's your take on Bob Rennie?

If you had the opportunity to ask Vancouver Condo King Bob Rennie a question after he gave a lecture on affordable housing to a classroom full of people who were homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless, what would you ask him?

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Quetions for anyone who has had dealings with the CAS and child sex abuse

I need some advice/assistance/knowledge on what to do to help out a friend.

Some background:

My friend has a daughter who was sexually abused by her uncle when she was 6-7 years old. At the time the CAS had her daughter in it's control, but sent the daughter to live with her uncle, where she was promptly sexually assaulted repeatedly.

Recent events have uncovered that there are at least 4 other children around the same age who were also sexually assaulted by this man.

I have contacted the police here in Toronto and York Region but because the crimes happened in another province, their hands are tied (the perp lives in York Region now though).

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Good roofers in Toronto?

Help!  Our roof is leaking and we desperately need to get it fixed - it's a lot of water so it's an emergency.

However, we have no idea which roofing companies are any good in Toronto.

Does anyone know of one that's good?  By that I mean you've had experience with them, they complete the job on time and do good, durable work.

Thanks in advance!

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Question for photographers

I have a question for those of you who love to photograph whatever grabs your fancy. I have a lot of pictures that I've taken in different exposures (same subject) and I want to create a nice HDR image.


Does anyone know a good program to use for creating HDR images? Lightroom apparently has the capabilities although there are a lot of steps involved. I'm looking for software that is compatible with Windows 7 64-bit and easy to use re: creating HDR. 


Any ideas? Has anyone here done this before?



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Captions and subtitles in youtube

I did a equatorial mount video and  a guy in Argentina asked for me to caption it or subtitle it. Youtube captioning failed due to my accent, I guess.

Is there an easy way to do it or do I have to sit down with the typewriter for a couple of hours?

If I text it all out, how do I get the timing right so that the text matches up?


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24/7 Internet Access

is a privilege, not a right.

Sometimes I abuse that privilege just like sometimes I abuse my driving privileges.

If you would suspend my licence, then suspend my babble.

And, in the future, I will endeavour to keep my diminished capacity out of your face.

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Helping shy kittens

After our 21-year-old kitty shuffled off this mortal coil, we adopted a couple of kittens from Toronto Cat Rescue (if you look at the gallery of adopted cats on the TCR homepage, they are the littermates of "Peach," and "Snickers," and look just like them: one cream-coloured, the other a rare orange tabby girl).

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Sensible Tax Policy

Could somebody find me that thread where I was ranting about this and that and Angella showed up?

A "regular" bus pass costs $73.25. I work four days a week, in a good week. I prefer to walk but sometimes I can't.

4 x 52 / 12 = 17

17 x $2.25 x 2 = $76.50

I'm not eligible for a "disability" bus pass because I earn more than $500.

Somebody call Gordon Campbell for me, will ya? And tell him he's a fucking idiot.

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Creating a homemade banner

Hello all ! I am calling on your collective experience  : what is the best way to make a homemade banner for one's group ? Out of what material is cheap but sturdy- and maybe washable ( who wants to reuse a really dirty banner ?)

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Resume Writing for Teens

I have been asked to lead a  one hour session on resume writing for a group of fifteen 12-16 year olds next Monday evening.

They have had a previous session on the topic in house (local Boys and Girls Club).

The bulk of my experience is working with university students on this topic.

Any advice for things I should keep in my mind while modifying my message for this group?

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Mentors Needed *Babblers Please Pass On!*

Now, more than ever, young Albertans need the help of a mentor. Someone who can share their life experiences. Someone who can brighten the day of a youth. Someone who can just be a friend.

You can be that person.

The Alberta Mentoring Partnership is asking you to make a difference in the life of a young Albertan. For as little as one hour a week, your enthusiasm and commitment can help a young person reach their full potential.

Mentoring agencies across the province are searching for good people to make a difference in the lives of children and youth. To be a mentor, you don’t need superhuman qualities, just human ones. Some of the qualities you take for granted can help change a young Albertan’s life.

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TAGLINE: Final Call for Entries - 2010 Newport Beach Film Festival


The 2010 Newport Beach Film Festival will screen over 350 feature length and short films. The 2010 NBFF will also host red carpet Opening and Closing Night Gala Celebrations, International Spotlight events, an Action Sports Film Series, an Environmental Film Series, a Family Film Series, a Collegiate Showcase, a Youth Film Showcase and a free Seminar Series. Come be a part of the 2010 Newport Beach Film Festival.

The FINAL deadline for film submissions to the 11th Annual Newport Beach Film Festival is JANUARY 25, 2010. 
Submit your film at
The Newport Beach Film Festival runs April 22-April 29, 2010!!


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