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Welcome to rabble Brent Patterson!

rabble.ca would like to welcome the wonderful and prolific Brent Patterson to its blog section. As former Political Director for the Council of Canadians Brent tirelessly worked with Council chapter activists to promote social and environmental justice and now, with that body of experience and activism, he's with us!

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Hamilton, Ontario Police Officer Charged With Sexual Assault

Charged with several sex crimes, a Hamilton police officer has been suspended with pay. 

34 year old constable Adam Martini, is facing six counts of sexual assault, two of assault level one and one of voyeurism.

Martini had been recently hired onto the police service just four months prior. The alleged sexual assaults were to have occured between 2012 and 2013.

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Electric Vehicles: Need to Bail out US-based Automakers Again?

China, as the world’s largest vehicle market -- 28.9M in vehicle sales in China in 2017 compared to 17.2M in the US -- is defining an aggressive pace for global automakers to make the transition to electric vehicles with its sales/credit quota system on the minimum percentage of each manufacturer’s sales that must be New Energy Vehicles (NEV) (electric, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell vehicles).  These quotas begin with


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