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Watch: Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges with Aboriginal youth in Winnipeg

On October 13, 2012, CCPA's Manitoba Office facilitated an intergenerational learning and youth exchange at Thunderbird House in Winnipeg. In attendance were four elders and 30 students from Community Education Development Association's (CEDA) Pathways to Education program, College Beliveau, and Grant Park High School. The idea was to bring together people who would otherwise not meet in person, to share ideas, and talk about things that are often not talked about openly in Winnipeg. For the purposes of this event, participants were asked to talk about racism and their perceptions of experiences in the inner city. By engaging youth in dialogue the hope was to shrink the divide between people who live in the inner city and those who live in the suburbs.

Watch: Canadians rally to oppose Harper's war

This four-video series of the Rally to Stop Harper's War, organized by Toronto Coalition to Stop the War, focuses on specific talks.

Sid Lacombe discusses the Ottawa shootings, increased repression of dissent and the "Australia Model."

Carolyn Egan discusses the dangers of Islamophobia ,linking the war to how Islamophobia played itself out in Ausma Malik's campaign for school board trustee.

Rajean, President of Ryerson Student Union, and James Campbell, a teacher gave their views on why educators should oppose the war.

And finally, Ali Mallah talked of the United States' collusion with the dictators they sought to overthrow.

Watch: Voter suppression comes to Canada

It's a throwback, but it's always a relevant question. Is voter suppression alive and well in Canada?

Steven Shrybman discusses.

Video courtesy of Alberta Federation of Labour.

Watch: Arrests at Oppenheimer Park, Vancouver

On Thursday, October 16, 2014, police and city officials moved into Oppenheimer Park to enforce the city's injunction against tent city.

Most of the protestors and the homeless people peacefully vacated the park. However, five people decided to stand their ground and remain in the park.

This video shows their arrest.

Watch: Peter Mansbridge on 'what we know' about Ottawa shootings

CBC's Peter Mansbridge give updates on Ottawa situation and what is currently known.

Video courtesy of The National's YouTube page.

Watch: Footage from Globe reporter captures gunfire exchange in Parliament Hill building

A Globe and Mail reporter captures the exchange of gun fire in Parliament Hill building Wednesday October 22.

'Chow to Ford': Amai Kuda n' Y Josephine release music video in support of Olivia Chow

Toronto musicians Amai Kuda and Y Josephine released a music video Tuesday night in support of Olivia Chow -- a catchy tune with lyrics including of "vote "Chow" to Ford" and "get the bigots off the ballot."

The video appeared along with this note on their YouTube account:  "The makers of this song and video wish Rob Ford a speedy recovery from his health challenges. We do, however, feel the city of Toronto also needs to recover from Ford politics and that Olivia Chow is the person to lead us forward." 



Save Our Waterfront: Part 1

An architect, a doctor, a teacher & mother and a sailor tour Toronto Harbour and discuss the negative impacts the expansion of BIlly Bishop airport would have on the environment.

Save Our Waterfront 2: Boater's Protest

Recreational paddlers, sailors, and power boaters invite mayoral candidate  Olivia Chow and Ward 20 City Council candidates, Anshul Kapoor, founder of NOJets TO, and Joe Cressy, to speak at their boater's protest against the proposed introduction of jets and expansion of Toronto Island Airport. 

Watch: Defend Our Pensions! Toronto rally

Check out this great series of videos from the October 8 Defend Our Pensions! Rally in Toronto.

The videos feature speeches from Jean-Claude Parrot, former president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, Hassan Yussuff, president of the CLC, Herb John, president of the National Pensioners Federation, and Jo-Ann Hannah, Unifor Director of Pensions and Benefits.

Please watch all four videos here.

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