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Watch: Maude Barlow challenges Lone Pine to the Fracking Wastewater Bucket Challenge!

Leading up to the Global Frackdown on October 11, National Chairperson of Council of Canadians Maude Barlow nominates Board members Leo Broderick and Leticia Adair as well as Lone Pine Resources for the Fracking Wastewater Bucket Challenge. Lone Pine Resources is suing Canada under NAFTA for Quebec's fracking moratorium.

Watch: Save door-to-door delivery and 8,000 postal jobs

This year, Canada's ending its door-to-door mail service. Canada Post Corporation says it's all about saving money, but that's probably not the real reason.

For more information, check out Operation Maple.

Douglas Cardinal speaks out against plans to build condos on sacred site

Today, Wednesday Oct 1, is the deadline to register to speak or submit to the City of Ottawa Planning Committee, that is meeting Thurs Oct 2nd 9:30am at City Hall to consider a rezoning proposal for two of the islands in order to allow the Windmill condominium development (see below for registration instructions & background info). The Planning Committee will decide upon a recommendation to put forward for voting on by the full City council on Oct 8th, but there will be no opportunity for public input at the Oct 8th meeting.

Giving the go-ahead to building condominiums on these islands would detrimentally impact the ability to achieve the full vision of the late Algonquin spiritual leader Grandfather William Commanda for this religious / sacred site.

Hong Kong's biggest protests in decades challenge China on political freedom

Hong Kong is facing its biggest political unrest in decades as tens of thousands of protesters defy a police crackdown to demand greater freedom from China. The new round of protests began last week when thousands of college students launched a boycott to oppose China's rejection of free elections in 2017.

The protesters want an open vote, but China's plan would only allow candidates approved by Beijing.

After a three-day sit-in, police used tear gas and pepper spray to disperse the crowds. But that only fueled a public outcry which brought even more into the streets, with estimates reaching up to 200,000 people.

Watch: Idle No More at the People's Climate March in New York

Indigenous leaders at the People's Climate March in New York speak to the urgency of climate change and the need for all of us to be #IdleNoMore. From the Amazon to the Arctic, Indigenous Peoples are defending our climate and teaching allies about how extractive industries are directly connected to sovereignty, colonization, and violence against Indigenous women.

Thanks to Ulali for the beautiful and powerful music!

Watch: The People's Climate March

On September 21, 2014, thousands took to the streets in NYC and across the globe to demand change and action on climate change from our world leaders.

Couldn't attend any of the marches? No problem! Check out this video of the People's Climate March.

Video: Rebel Sage

Watch: How much does CSEC know about your private life?

Ultra-secretive government agency CSEC is collecting hugely revealing information on law-abiding Canadians.
You may have nothing to hide -- but do you really want intimate details of your private life to be collected and stored in insecure government databases?

Learn more and speak up now at

Video: Energy East 101

The Council of Canadians has released a new video, narrated in English by Maude Barlow, providing a comprehensive background on the controversial Energy East pipeline proposed by TransCanada. Learn how you can be involved in campaign to stop the Energy East pipeline here.

Watch: Baristas rise up and support workers' rights

Feel like listening to a catchy song and learning about how low-paid and precarious workers can organize? 

This music video in support of coffee shop workers does just that!

Watch: Alternative Media Movement Assembly at #PSF2014

Watch the discussion during the Alternative Media Movement Assembly at the Peoples' Social Forum!

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