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Movements against Islamists in Sindh, Pakistan

Yesterday Sindh province of Pakistan observed a massive outpour against the religious extremism, victimizing Hindus and humiliating the corpse of a Hindu Bhil. A few days ago some Islamists dug the grave of a Hindu, Bhuro Bhil, and thrown it away since he was a Hindu and according to them had not right to be buried.

Bhils are one of the oldest clans of the human society associated with the Indus Civilization, the centre of which is Sindh province of Pakistan.

Jeay Sindh Qomi Mahaz (JSQM), banned Jeay Sindh Mutahida Mahaz (JSMM), and some civil society forums that strive for the indigenous sovereignty and movement for self-determination mostly organized the protests yesterday.  

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"Support our Troops" means "Support war policy"

I had no idea that the military had invaded our sports events.
Supporting someone, or an organization, or our soldiers, means just that - to watch out for them, care for them, send them money or food or offer them shelter. They are our kids, our neighbour's kids. To send them into a warzone for no good reason is the opposite of support.
So the term as it is used actually means "Support the politicians who decided to send our troops into danger". If we sincerely wanted to support our troops, we would take them out of harm's way, but the Harper government does not support the troops. They use them for personal profit and gain. Criminal.

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a response to Meghan Murphy's Mar 27 'prostituted women' / Nordic model article

Murphy's original article is here: http://rabble.ca/blogs/bloggers/feminist-current/2013/03/nordic-model-only-model-actually-works-%E2%80%98duh%E2%80%99-says-sweden

unfortunately it doesn't allow comments, so i couldn't post the response directly associated with the article

but here is a response, for a sex worker: http://sexworkrants.tumblr.com/post/46805863562/ur-logic-is-flawed-a-response-to-meghan-murphy

some excerpts:

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Film Links: Save the Salish Sea Burrard Inlet

Salish Sea Burrard Inlet, a jewel in our midst on the West Coast, inspired a local independent filmmaker to make a short documentary film that reaches back into the memory of the 1973 oil spill in the outer harbour, shows the inlet as it is today with both canoes and tankers on its waters, and imagines a possible better future for all of us. 

Tarsands Titanics in the Sacred Salish Sea Burrard Inlet II

part 1:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nuBW87rtKY

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Tentative agreement reached for 46,000 BC health care workers NOV 26 2012

On Nov. 23, these hospital workers pointed to flaws for them, "Workers in community health are among the lowest-paid workers in the public sector, and haven’t had a pay raise since 2009." (posted by the Hospital Employees Union, Nov. 23, 2012). I am not sure yet, whether their concerns that the employer wanted to offset wage increases from within the offered package, which would be, in my opinion, unconscionable!

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*Please forward widely*

Join us for 2 Lower Mainland events to send off the Pastors for Peace
Caravan to Cuba!

Part of the 6-stop B.C. tour to End the U.S. Blockade on Cuba!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
BILL HACKWELL - Bill Hackwell has worked on the Pastors for Peace
Caravans to Cuba since the beginning in 1992. He also participated in
many of the caravans to Mexico when Pastors for Peace delivered
critical humanitarian aid to the indigenous highland communities in
Chiapas. Hackwell is a known social documentary photographer and an
organizer with the International Committee for the Freedom of the
Cuban Five in the U.S.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Meet the Editor! NEW TIME: Friday, May 18 12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. ET


So Derrick O'Keefe will be on babble tomorrow afternoon for the latest installment of "Oh Good Grief, O'Keefe" at a new time as we experiment with finding the best slot to encourage reader participation. Join us tomorrow at 12:00 PM PST/3:00 PM EST to chat with Derrick.

We'll also be starting with a themed discussion: What do you think about rabble.ca's coverage of the Quebec student protests?

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rabble.ca's new (and old) editor: Derrick O'Keefe!

As some of you may know, rabble.ca editor Cathryn Atkinson left us early this year to pursue other interests. On an aside note, Michelle Gregus, ex-babble intern, has been the reason the site has sparkled since Cathryn's departure. While the site will miss Cathryn's wealth of experience, we're proud to announce that Vancouver-based journalist and activist Derrick O'Keefe will be the next editor of rabble.ca.

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Toronto Election Fraud Rally March 31, 2012

I attended the rally in Toronto yesterday and came away early with these observations.  If you're going to hold a rally, best make sure that you are on time, ready and have real clout in preparedness.  Organizers were 1/2 hour late and people were scattered all over trying to figure out if this is the place to be.  For all it was worth, a bad assembly just makes for good criticism from the other side.  


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