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Save our waterfront: Stop the expansion of Toronto Island Airport

As they tour Lake Ontario's inner harbour, an urban planner, a doctor, a sailor and a mother and her daughter talk about how jet expansion would negatively impact Toronto's island park system, harbour and waterfront.

6:06 minutes

Directed by Teresa Ascencao and Elizabeth Littlejohn
Edited by Cathy Gulkin

To save Toronto's waterfront, please sign the NOJets TO petition at

Poor People's History of East Downtown Toronto

For close to two centuries East Downtown Toronto has welcomed the unemployed, homeless and working poor. Infrastructures to support the unemployed, some of which date back to the establishment of Toronto first poor house to the 1830s, are now being threatened and dismantled by the city to make room for Toronto's more affluent residents. Where will the unemployed, homeless and poor residents go?

Video: How a supposed cyberbullying law helps the government track you online

Thousands of Canadians are speaking out against Peter MacKay's new online spying legislation. Bill C-13 would give a range of authorities access to your private information without a warrant. Join the campaign to stop government spying and to keep your online activities private -- join Canada's largest-ever pro-privacy coalition today at

Directed by Jeremy Brown of

Loretta Saunders' tragic death sparks calls for national inquiry

In the wake of the tragic murder of Loretta Saunders, four NDP MPs, Ryan Cleary, Megan Leslie, Jean Crowder and Romeo Saganash, asked for a national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women. They were met with partisanship and empty answers.

Video: Day of Action against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Corporate Globalization

On January 31, 2014, the Council of Canadians participated in an Inter-Continental Day of Action against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Corporate Globalization. Actions and events took place in more than 50 cities across Canada, the United States, Mexico and Australia. 

Dan Peruzzo of D See Video Productions captured the action in Comox, British Columbia and is inviting everyone to share and post the video to their websites, Facebook accounts and listserves. It's a good time to do so with TPP negotiations continuing behind closed doors in Singapore this week.

Video: Pussy Riot direct from Sochi: Putin will teach you how to love

Pussy Riot ended their stay in Sochi on Thursday by posting a video criticizing the Olympic Winter Games and President Vladimir Putin.


Video: The real Stephen Harper exposed! Unseen interview bloopers

Operation Maple has done it again: they got their hands on some previously unseen Harper video footage.  See why they call this an award-winning performance.

Video: Return to sender: Save door-to-door mail delivery

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers talk about why door-to-door delivery is an essential service, the future loss of 8,000 jobs, and the fight for pensions.

A short doc by Elizabeth Littlejohn.

Is Ukrainian political violence spurred by a cultural divide?

In this interview, The Real News Networks' Jessica Desvarieux interviews Nicolai Petro on the situation in the Ukraine. He argues that violence persists between opposition and security forces, as opponents use culture to divide strongly nationalistic Ukrainian groups and Russian-influenced factions.

Nicolai N. Petro is professor of politics at the University of Rhode Island. During the collapse of the Soviet Union he served as special assistant for policy in the U.S. State Department. He has published widely on Russian and international politics, and is currently in Ukraine on a Fulbright research fellowship. His web site


Video: Oscars 2014 best actor in a leading role -- Canadian style

It is Oscars time! And there is no shortage of contenders. Operation Maple has provided a sneak preview of the big 'winners' this year. Will it be Rob Ford? Justin Beiber? You may be surprised by the winner. Or maybe not.

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