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Humour (lack of) in ALT politics

After attending the YesMen workshop last night, it is glaringly apparent that what's missing in ALT politics is a sense of humour. Notoriously lacking in the labour movement, it has spread like a virus throughout the Canadian political environment (see NDP).

I'm happy to see "If you can't trust a sock monkey, your soul is dead." on the Rabble site.

I consider ridicule to be one of the highest forms of political action, and the workshop was inspiring. OTPOR is also a good example of how this works.




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The push for a ban on Electroshock therapy.


I've known two people who have undergone this proceedure.  Both asked my advice before having it.  Both looked upon it as a last ditch effort to treat their dissorder.  When people are desperate, what can you say?

What I've always tried to do is get them to ask the doctor for the actual data on efficacy.  This proceedure, in various forms, has been in use upwards of 80 years.  Yet, I have never been able to find data relating to efficacy anywhere, and the two people who asked my advice were never given a straight answer on what is a perfectly normal, perfectly reasonalbe question that should have a numerical answer.

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Suburban Voters and Voter Suppression


I hate to admit this but John Ivison in his piece in The Post on Saturday could have a point: “There is anger in the herbivore community about Stephen Harper’s failings — some of it is even justified. But the evidence on the doorsteps suggests it does not extend beyond the politically engaged into the suburbs, where people have to get up in the morning.” Two questions: does the apparently large turnout on Friday at the advance polls suggest a newly engaged voter constituency or was that the already committed who showed up? Will the votemob constituency have any real voting power now that the University year is coming to an end?  

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Stable Majority Goverments and Electoral Reform

Since day one of the campaign, Harper and his gang have been consistently spining the message that a majority goverment for his party is good for us because it will provide stability.  Let’s take a closer look at that highly dubious proposition.  
First off, is a majority government in and of itself, no matter what party, necessarily a good thing?  Despite our parliamentary traditions, I think not.  Under our first past the post system, it obviously concentrates power  undemocratically in the hands of one party which may or may not  necessarily represent the full spectrum of Canadian citizenship.

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Live on rabbletv TODAY! 'Real Issues: Election 2011' panel

Hey! I am sitting in the Gladstone hotel right now, getting ready to moderate the live web discussion of rabble's first ever 'Real Issues' panel, the progressive alternative to CBC's horribly biased 'At Issue' panel and its coterie of Canada's right-wing pundits. Check it out and join in the discussion. Hopefully, rabble will be doing many more of these in the coming months.

Tune in to rabbleTV on April 18 at 4:30 p.m. ET to watch special election coverage -- for the rest of us -- from rabble.ca.


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