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Lubicon Lake Nation continue anti-fracking campaign

On Friday, January 3, members of the Lubicon Lake Nation filed a notice of appeal against Penn West Petroleum in their continued fight against fracking. In December 2013, a judge's injunction order against members of Lubicon Lake Nation shut down their blockade, which began in late November 2013 on a drilling site.

Lubicon Lake Nation continue to fight against fracking on their land and the injunction granted in favour of Penn West Petroleum.

Activists from CUPE locals stand together with Operation Solidarity Bonfield

Activists from CUPE Local 416 and CUPE Local 966 go to Bonfield Ontario to walk the line with CUPE Local 4616, the workers of the town of Bonfield. The Mayor of Bonfield is refusing to negotiate his workers back to work. And why should he. He has contracted out much of their work to his own family!

Environmental activists protest Harper's Q&A in Vancouver

Sean Devlin of Shit Harper Did and Shireen Soofi of No One Is Illegal took the stage at the Vancouver Board of Trade event during a Q&A with Stephen Harper sporting signs to protest for climate justice in Canada.

The pair were quickly pushed off stage by security and taken backstage behind a curtain.

Harper joked "it wouldn’t be B.C. without it."

In solidarity: the Canadian labour movement in the world

An engaging and compelling video documentary about how Canadian workers through the Canadian labour movement have built solidarity linkages throughout the world from Asia to the Middle East to Africa to the Americas. What they have learned, what they have shared - and the need for resistance and alternatives to build a more just world for all.

Looking back at one year of Idle No More: Niigaan In Conversation

Recorded on December 10th in Ottawa, for the Red Man Laughing Podcast, Niigaan: In Conversation. takes a looks at year one of Idle No More. The panel of guests include Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Grand Chief Derek Nepinak, Serpent River Chief Isadore Day, Wab Kinew, Leanne Simpson, Lee Maracle, Geraldine King & Celina Cada-Matasawagon.

Reactionary Blues: Charlie Angus and Grievous Angels

Watch Charlie Angus' musical rundown of the state of politics in Ottawa. Reactionary Blues from the new Grievous Angels CD the Great Divide.

Video: Voices for Dignity -- fighting for sex worker rights

For years Pivot Legal Society, Sex Workers United Against Violence and the PACE Society have been fighting for the rights of sex workers. That fight led to intervening in the Bedford case at the Supreme Court of Canada in June of 2013, and on December 20th, 2013 the Supreme Court of Canada released their historic decision.

Tar Sands Reporting Project hopes to create change

You can change the environmental conversation. Chip in to rabble's donation drive today! 

The Vancouver Observer's award-winning team seeks to create one year of stories about the people, places and conflicts associated with Canada's tar sands that go deeper than daily journalism.

Video: Have you heard about Upstream?

Upstream is a Canadian movement to create a healthy society through evidence-based, people-centred ideas.

For more information about Upstream visit:

Conservative Senator Hugh Segal on why unions are important

On December 7, Conservative Senator Hugh Segal addressed Unifor's Ontario Regional Council. He began: "My Canada is the kind of country where trade unions and free collective bargaining makes our economy stronger and Canada a better place. It is as important a part of a strong and growing economy as capital investment, reasonable profits, and fair wages. And without collective bargaining there is never any guarantee on fair wages. And without fair wages we are not building a society of which we can be proud, and we can transfer to our kids and grandchildren knowing we have transferred them something that reflects our values as Canadians.

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