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Global failure to meet Syria's humanitarian crisis goes unnoticed amidst war debate

Video from segment of Democracy Now! 

While Washington debates the use of military force in Syria, the United Nations has revealed the number of refugees who have fled the country's civil war has topped two million, with another four million internally displaced. The tide of children, women and men leaving Syria has risen almost tenfold over the past 12 months. On average, almost 5,000 people take refuge in Syria's neighboring countries every day. The United Nations warned last month that the war is fueling the worst refugee crisis since the Rwanda genocide in 1994. Overall, the fighting in Syria has killed more than 100,000 since 2011, including some 7,000 children.

Video: Chris Hedges and Paul Jay on Obama's Decision to attack Syria and 'Give Congress a voice"'

On Saturday afternoon, President Obama issued a statement from the White House, saying he had decided to authorize a military attack on Syria to, in his words, "punish the Syrian administration and regime for its use of chemical weapons". He also said he was going to give American Congress a voice. The Real News Network's Paul Jay speaks to Chris Hedges about the significance of President Obama's statement is Chris Hedges. Chris is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and senior fellow at the Nation Institute. His latest book is Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt. He was The New York Times' Middle East Bureau chief.

Video: Workers speak out about the Trans-Pacific Partnership

This video presents a message from workers across the Pacific Rim about the potential negative consequences of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade and globalization agreement among 12 countries (Australia, Brunei-Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam). If this agreement puts corporate rights first, workers and their families in all 12 countries could be harmed by downward pressure on wages and labor rights; more polluted air and water; reduced access to life saving medicines; and more powerful corporations influencing our laws and trying to override our voices.

Video: Free John Greyson and Tarek Loubani -- an appeal from John's students

John Greyson and Dr. Tarek Loubani have been wrongfully imprisoned in Egypt for two weeks. This is a video appeal for their release. For more information visit:

Phyllis Bennis: There is no military solution to Syria

Phyllis Bennis: US policy should emphasize direct diplomacy to negotiate a ceasefire with all sides including Syrian President Bashar Assad, but direct military intervention will lead to more bloodshed and Obama fighting on the side of an Al-Qaeda affiliated organization. Video from the Real News. 

A Dream Deferred? MLK, Trayvon, and the fight against racism today

A book launch for Gary Younge's The Speech: The Story Behind Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Dream. This event took place on August 24th, following the 50th Anniversary March on Washington. Sponsored by Haymarket Books and Busboys and Poets. Featuring Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Cornel West and Gary Younge. 


Union dues and don'ts: The moral reason you pay for what you get

The Rand Formula was a compromise between corporations' desire to maximize profits, and employees' hopes to protect their new unions nearly 70 years ago. Today it's the foundation of the rights of Canadian employees to discuss their pay and jobs with their employers, and improve their careers.

Day of Rage in Cairo: Anti-coup groups hold massive protest marches to condemn deadly crackdown - Members of the Muslim Brotherhood have called for a nationwide Day of Rage today after Wednesday's security crackdown left at least 638 people dead and 3,000 people injured. The violence on Wednesday began when security forces raided two protest camps in Cairo set up to denounce the military overthrow of Egypt's first freely elected president, Mohamed Morsi. Today's protest marches began after Friday prayers at 28 mosques in Cairo. We go to Cairo to speak to Democracy Now! correspondent Sharif Abdel Kouddous.

Video: Rachel Parent schools Kevin O'Leary on GMOs

Fourteen-year-old Rachel Parent challenged CBC's Kevin O'Leary to a debate on GMOs.  O'Leary accuses Parent of being a "shill" for environmental organizations. Watch as Parent schools O'Leary on the dangers of GMOs -- and see for yourself who the corporate shill is.

Rachel's website:

Video: Petcoke dust cloud blows over Windsor riverfront

Taken on Saturday, July 27, this video shows black dust clouds blowing off the petcoke piles in Detroit over the river. Posted by Randy Emerson, a member of the Windsor on Watch environmental group.

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