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APTN coverage of RCMP raid of Elsipogtog anti-fracking blockade

APTN has reporter Ossie Michelin on the ground in Rexton, New Brunswick, following as RCMP officers moved into the blockade on Mi'kmaq territory early on Thursday. Police were there apparently with the goal of enforcing an injunction to have the barricade, erected as part of on-going anti-fracking protests against SWN Resources Canada, removed.

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Let's talk about unions: Nora Loreto's book launch and Q&A

Nora Loreto has released a new book From Demonized to Organized: Building the New Union Movement with support from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives that serves as a call to incite union activists and supporter, debunk anti-union rhetoric and start the conversation around building a strong, community-focus union movement in Canada.

Prison Arabic in 50 days: a new video by John Greyson

On Aug 16, 2013, Canadian filmmaker John Greyson and Palestinian-Canadian doctor Tarek Loubani were detained without charges in Cairo's Tora Prison. During their 50-day detention, John created these flash cards as a diary of their experiences. Following an international grassroots campaign, they were released on October 7, and returned to Canada on October 13. This video is dedicated to the many who spoke out for their release, and for the many who are still behind bars.

Kahsatstenhsera: Indigenous Resistance to Tar Sands Pipelines

Reclaim Turtle Island released this great new video documentary on the Indigenous resistance to the pipelines. "This short documentary details contemporary Indigenous resistance to tar sands pipeline expansion, in particular the Line 9 and Energy East pipelines, which threaten the health of our territories in the northeast of Turtle Island. It includes the voices and perspectives of Dene, Wolastiqiyik, Mi’kmaq, Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee and Wet’suwet’en land defenders."

Image: Reclaim Turtle Island

Tarek and John say Hi!

Tarek and John share their first statement after being released from detention in Egypt on Saturday. The pair were released after 50 days in Egyptian prison, but are still currently stuck in Cairo due to a technicality. Tarek and John recorded this video hello and express their deepest thanks to all who supported them through the last 54 days.

Richtree bites: Report on Richtree Eaton Centre struggle

Richtree Market Restaurant closed its restaurant in the Eaton Centre and severed all of its unionized workers. Many had worked at Richtree for more than 20 years. Shortly after Richtree reopened a few feet away and hired all new workers, and a provocateur union breaking security firm out of the U.S. But when it comes to Richtree's business, it ain't cha-ching, it's either the sounds of protest, or chirping crickets....

Video: State of the Nations - 250 years

This video was produced by a supporter of Idle No More, and, according to the Idle No More website, "captures the spirit and intent of our global day of action #Oct7Proclaim". 

Video: The most charming farmer explains how to hang garlic properly

Garlic is pretty cool.

There are lots of types -- Duck Creek Farm's farmer John's favourite is Portugese Red -- to try and you can even try to grow your own.

John mentions how he modified his techniques for curing tobacco for curing garlic (“works pretty well!”), how to prevent molding (“put em in a place with air movement”) and which are the best to save for seed (“the biggest bulbs!”) among other tips.

The Farmer's Filmanac aims to explore the different ways that farmers approach their systems and celebrate this diversity through video.

Video: This is the coolest apple ever seen!

Apple-picking is one of those activities that brings the best of fall together: crispy cool weather, open coats and scarves and tasty, tasty apples and apple-based treats.

Wandering down orchard lanes --  a couple apples in the baskets, a few bites for you -- is made ultimately made better by those farms rediscovering amazingly cool varieties of apples. Red or pink fleshed apples are the newest varieties cropping up in the apple orchards in Salt Spring Island that The Farmers Filmanac videographer Hannah Roessler so pleasantly discovered and tasted.

How whimsical.

The Farmer's Filmanac aims to explore the different ways that farmers approach their systems and celebrate this diversity through video.

Video: Citibikes are a pain in the ass

Bike shares are the new hot thing in cities trying to enhance their tourism, environmental status and generally help out those city commuters navigate some busy streets! It is no surprise that a lot of Canadian cities are either considering bike shares, plans are in the works or they already have them installed.

There are some skeptics and there are some enthusiasts on what the bike share really brings to a city and it all boils down to this: How big of a pain in the ass are bike shares?

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