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Students Just might Make a Difference in this Election


Students Might Just Make Difference in This Election

“Ratings monitor BBM Canada said that 3.85 million viewers watched the debate Tuesday night, an increase of 26 per cent compared with 2008’s showdown. The number jumped to 10.6 million viewers once those who only watched a portion of the debate were included.”

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English-language leaders' debate 2011


This is babble's official English-language leaders' debate thread. rabble.ca columnists Murray Dobbin and Duncan Cameron will be dropping by to offer live commentary during the debates, field your questions and give post-mortem analysis.

This thread will open at 6pm EST/3pm PST.

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Join rabble.ca's Vegan Challenge!

Join rabble.ca in taking the Vegan Challenge during Earth Week from April 17-23.

rabble.ca staff, contributors and users are encouraged to go vegan for a week to help protect the environment, show compassion for animals and enjoy some wholesome nutritious and yummy food!

Going vegan is one of the strongest ways most of us can contribute to Earth Week and make every day Earth Day! Making your "hoofprint" smaller will reduce your ecological footstep by cutting down on your carbon footprint, diminishing pollution of air, water and land, and helping stymie the destruction of ecosystems being swallowed up to produce feed for farm animals.

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Bearing witness, creating hope: rabble.ca's 10th Anniversary

On April 18th, rabble.ca will be ten years old. To celebrate, there will be a gala in Toronto:

Join moderator and rabble founder Judy Rebick, and special guests for a panel discussion on the state of Canadian left politics, historical memory, and the upcoming federal election, and stay on after for a reception and party featuring Toronto's criticaly acclaimed LAL and dancing with DJ b#!

Can't join in person? This event will also be streamed live: http://rabble.ca/rabbletv

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Take the rabble survey!

Harper might have kicked the census, but it's alive and well on rabble.ca. Take it, why don't you!

In 2007 rabble conducted a survey of our vistors and it helped us to upgrade and improve the site.  A lot has changed at rabble since 2007 but we haven't had a survey since then, until now.  

Since 2007 we have a new design, new features, new writers, a new look and a growing audience. With a growing audience we want to know who is visiting rabble and what is working and not working for you


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