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I thought Saskatoon was the 'Paris of the Prairies'?

The rabble article is entitled:  "Saskatchewan: Paris of the Prairies".

I get the analogy...but isn't it a bit off the mark to equate an entire province to that of a city?  (All considerations for population set aside, of course.)

Perhaps, "Saskatchewan:  Ile-de-France of the Prairies" would be more accurate?

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What is really happening on the ground in Honduras "COUP d'ETAT" that is not being covered by Main stream press.

Things are getting worse each day inside Honduras. Over the weekend, two well-known social leaders were assassinated by the coup forces. Roger Bados leader of the Bloque Popular & the National Resistance Front against the coup d'etat, was killed in the northern city of San Pedro Sula. Approximately at 8pm on Saturday evening, Bados was assassinated and killed immediately by three gun shots. Bados was also a member of the leftist party, Democratic Unity (Unificación Democrática) and was president of a union representing workers in a cement factory. His death was denounced as part of the ambience and repressive actions taken by the coup government to silence all disent.

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Spin & Fear - NOSTV in Action

Dennis Pilon pillories the NoSTV campaign for spin-doctoring and fear-mongering

On their overall approach:

Their advantages? Ruthlessness, campaign experience, media framing savvy and a recognition that in politics truth is less important than what people can be led to believe. 

And the No STV crew, themselves all veterans of major party campaigning, understand how to toss political bombs into the public discourse in such a way that reasonable public discussion becomes impossible. 

On how NOSTV has argued on results for women:

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The new cost of news by MacPhail...

Not a bad op-ed by McPhail, and it's interesting to note the budget rabble works with. 

But how much of that money goes towards on the ground news gathering?  The infrastructure McPhail says is dragging down traditional news - and he's basically grounded his argument in newspapers - seems to be eating up a lot of rabble's news budget, too.

The rabble portion of the site has come a long way since I joined babble and that's not that long ago.  So, kudos to the rabble crew.

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Toronto rabblers: come out to our rabble birthday event on Thursday!

rabble.ca is 8 years old!  We're celebrating with events in Vancouver and Toronto - here's the Toronto event:


A lively discussion with Peter C. Newman, Linda McQuaig, and Wayne MacPhail. 

Moderated by rabble.ca President Duncan Cameron.

DATE: Thursday, April 16th, 7:30 p.m. (doors open at 7)

PLACE: Koffler Auditorium, 569 Spadina Crescent

COST: $10 or PWYC.  FREE for rabble.ca members.

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PM feared Galloway--Linda McQuaig

A good summation by Linda McQuaig--and she also mentions the Canadian "Security" deal with Israel.

---also printed in the Toronto Star

PM feared Galloway's message

By Linda McQuaig
| April 7, 2009


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