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Harper cancels Earth Day


LONDON, UK -- "Canada, among all the advanced countries, is best positioned to prosper and profit from the ecological crisis," announced Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper shortly after arriving for the opening of the G20 summit.

"Earth Day is a pessimistic and -- frankly -- socialistic concept, and we would rather focus on the many causes for optimism in the 21st century," explained Harper. "Some people see the Arctic ice cap as half melted, but I prefer to see a new shipping route as half freed up."

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Galloway fights exclusion from Canada: Official documents attached

As we all know by now, George Galloway has been told he will not be allowed to enter Canada because our border officials believe he is a "national security threat" and engaged in terrorism.

I have attached the official letter from Citizenship and Immigration, as well as George Galloway's response to this post (see below to download the scanned images of the CIC letter, and the PDF of his lawyer's response).

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getting a grip on greed-mcquaig


I don't understand her thesis. She seems pre-occupied with a lack of regulation in the financial system but doesn't provide detail.

I think its pretty obvious that the financial meltdown and subsequent credit crunch was due to the sub prime mortgage problem. Government pushed banks and other financial insitutions to reduce mortgage lending standards in order to meet government set goals for more home ownership. Wall securities collapsed because of those bad mortgages not because of a lack of regulation. The government was fueling the problem from the outset.

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Protests and missed opportunities: the Sri Lanka Tamil diaspora

Nowhere in the statements being shouted at rallies, or on the placards being waved, is there any indication that the group purporting to save Tamils has been as brutal about human rights as the Sri Lankan state. By not criticizing the Tigers, protesters are giving them a kind of legitimacy, which will only result in more atrocities.


[url=http://www.rabble.ca/news/protests-and-missed-opportunities-sri-lankan-t... Nallainathan is impressed with Tamil protests, but disappointed with the message.[/url]

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Those poor, persecuted rich people

Good article, I have just one comment to add to it, and one  mild criticique.


Comment: I find it amusing those on the right wing who find the increase in the percentage of income tax paid by the top 1-2% in the last 20 year or so in the United States horrifying.  For some reason they never mention that the primary reason the top 1-2% pay so much more is because they've chosen to take so more much of the 'pie' for themselves.  I always respond to them "if they want to stop paying so much in taxes they can choose to pass on some of their earnings to their employees."


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The Economic Crisis and its Implications for The Science of Economics

May 1 - 4, 2009
Perimeter Institute

The Perimeter Institute conference on economics is being organized in an effort to better evaluate the state of economics as a predictive and descriptive science in light of the current market crisis. We believe that this requires careful, dispassionate discussion, in an atmosphere governed by the modesty and open mindedness that characterizes the scientific community.   To do this we aim to bring leading economists and theorists of finance together with physicists, mathematicians, biologists and computer scientists to evaluate current theories of markets, and  identify key issues that can motivate new directions for research. 


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