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'Exterminate all the brutes': Gaza 2009 By Noam Chomsky | January 21, 2009

...causing vastly disproportionate terror, a doctrine that traces back to the 1950s.

causing disproportionate terror, or "frightfulness" is a tactic which gave be traced back to the Norman Invasion of Britain in 1066, if not earlier.

... the latest U.S.-Israeli attack  [The US did not participate in Israel’s actions taken in self-defence]  on helpless Palestinians was launched ...

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Good looks, nobel lineage, spineless

Linda McQuaig's reputation for challenging the establishment is clearly unfounded.


Linda McQuaig proves—with articles like these—that she tries too hard to be controversial, or thought-provoking; coming across as ignorant, and spineless herself.

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5 Arrested in Cayuga to Stop Edwards Street Landfill

5 Arrested in Cayuga to Stop Edwards Street Landfill

December 10, 2008.

OPP determined to escort garbage into the Edwards Street Landfill, but even after arrest of 4 supporters, Six Nations activists refuse to remove blockade. OPP violently arrest Six Nations man leaving the site.

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Best of Rabble 2.0

To commemorate our relaunch, rabble.ca came up with a Best of Rabble.ca book, full of some of the best features by rabble staff and columnists. It includes pieces by James Laxer, Libby Davies, June Chua, and Amber Vora - to name only a few.

Besides staff, babblers are the first to be able to get your hands on a copy. If you're interested, please send me an email at bestofrabble@rabble.ca and I will send you payment instructions.

The book costs $10.00, plus a shipping fee of $2.95 for Canadian residents.

The books are headed to my house right now, so I'll be able to send them out as soon as they arrive in the mail. My fingers are crossed that if you order right away, I'll be able to have them to you before the holidays draw to a close.

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Sarann and George's read on Leo Strauss and "Steve" and his ilk

WE invite participation, having ourselves read something of the Greek scholar Leo Strauss and his role in creating the school of philosophy that underpins, in the words of Shadia Drury, a (in 1988) "new brand iof rabid, radical , nihilistic , and postmodern conservatism."

And those are Strauss's  positive values.

Would really like to see babble come to some understanding of this guy - and hence some understanding of Stephen Harper - so that we don't fall back on crudities like comparisons with the late Adolph Schickelgruber(hope I got the spelling nearly right. I'll check).

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Majority is heard at last

Linda McQuaig:

Accustomed to beating the opposition into submission, Harper apparently hadn't noticed that, where there had once been nothing but mushy soft stuff, the Liberal party had miraculously grown a spine.

Let's hope it doesn't shrivel. . . .


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