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Meet the Editor! NEW TIME: Friday, May 18 12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. ET


So Derrick O'Keefe will be on babble tomorrow afternoon for the latest installment of "Oh Good Grief, O'Keefe" at a new time as we experiment with finding the best slot to encourage reader participation. Join us tomorrow at 12:00 PM PST/3:00 PM EST to chat with Derrick.

We'll also be starting with a themed discussion: What do you think about rabble.ca's coverage of the Quebec student protests?

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rabble.ca's new (and old) editor: Derrick O'Keefe!

As some of you may know, rabble.ca editor Cathryn Atkinson left us early this year to pursue other interests. On an aside note, Michelle Gregus, ex-babble intern, has been the reason the site has sparkled since Cathryn's departure. While the site will miss Cathryn's wealth of experience, we're proud to announce that Vancouver-based journalist and activist Derrick O'Keefe will be the next editor of rabble.ca.

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Toronto Election Fraud Rally March 31, 2012

I attended the rally in Toronto yesterday and came away early with these observations.  If you're going to hold a rally, best make sure that you are on time, ready and have real clout in preparedness.  Organizers were 1/2 hour late and people were scattered all over trying to figure out if this is the place to be.  For all it was worth, a bad assembly just makes for good criticism from the other side.  

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Green vs. NDP

Hello to anyone I hadn't messaged in my introductory post.

In that first thread, I mentioned I like a bit of the platforms of the Liberals, the NDP, and the Greens. But as I visit each party website and read about their policies, I find it hard to differentiate on more than a few areas of policy.

Given that I am a former libertarian who has since "seen the light" (for lack of a better phrase), I am what you might call a free agent looking for a place to belong. I'd like to get more involved on the left, and thought about joining a party - and the more I read the more I've boiled it down to the NDP or the Green Party.


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