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Peggy Nash answers babblers' questions, March 2, 3pm PST/6pm EST


Peggy Nash will be among the NDP leadership candidate to answer your questions on babble March 2 at 3:00 pm PST/6:00 pm EST. babblers were asked a while back to submit questions about her candidacy and her designs on Stornoway. You can find that thread here.

Please feel free to add more questions in this thread, give your approval of previous questions, and variously discuss Nash's upcoming appearance.

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Gmail questions

I am fairly new to gmail, and was delighted to be able to see use it through my Thunderbird e-mail client using the gmail server (rather than that of my IP). I was astonished at how it synchronized all folders all the time, but now find it decidedly creepy.

If I'm composing an e-mail over a period of time, Google saves all draft versions of that e-mail on its server, in the Trash folder, so that for 30 days, at least, it will have dozens of varying versions of an e-mail I've composed based on - I don't know what it is - thirty-second, one-minute snapshots?

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ChristyClark attacks seniors pharma-care

I recently transitioned from being a worker that had an industrial accident(sawdust inhallation) to being a senior(federal retirement) and now the cost of my meds so that I can breath and still contribute to my community has been jacked to the point of Christy standing on my throat. Why is no one talking about this attack on our parents? It's because the 'noise' of all their other attacks on our civility drown out concerns for mere gray heads. Christy needs a short one way ride to Bellingham.

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Occupying the Lange and O’Leary Exchange

Hey folks,

I read the story on rabble which was taken from the progressive economics forum but I wasn't able to catch the interview last night with Armine Yalnizyan. Does anyone have a link to the video? I'd love to see her put O'Leary in his place.

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CBC Bashing

On November 13 Ottawa-based Free Thinking Film Society is holding and event at Library and Archives Canada billed as "The Biases of the CBC - Film and Panel Discussion."

Although we've seen the public broadcaster bite the hand that feeds it over the decades, regardless of the party in power, and pay the price of political interference (This Hour Has Seven Days controversy being the most memorable), I've never seen such a concerted effort to "go after" the CBC.


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