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Transatlantic trade negotiators and trade justice activists square off in Brussels

| March 11, 2014

B.C. privacy law, federal information technology procurement both trade barriers, says U.S.

| February 21, 2014

Comments on #bdgt14, Harper's trade policy and jobs

| February 12, 2014

Conservatives introduce Canada-Honduras FTA; NDP, Greens to vote against it

| January 31, 2014

Legal expert warns Canada-EU deal could damage sovereignty

| January 9, 2014

Canada-EU CETA: A deal by month's end?

| October 4, 2013

Canada-EU CETA: 'Illusory' benefits and 'significantly increased drug costs' from EU patent proposal

| October 3, 2013

Federal court hears government had duty to consult Hupacasath First Nation on Canada-China FIPA ratification

| June 17, 2013

Hundreds rally in support of Hupacasath legal challenge to Canada-China FIPA

| June 6, 2013
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