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Media Democracy Days: MPs May and Davies discuss the need to democratize media

In 1996, a coalition of citizens, researchers, academics, and activists in Vancouver emerged in response to the takeover of much of Canadian Press by Hollinger's Inc. The coalition, later re-named, started a one-day event called Media Democracy Day in 2001 where issues including the impact of the concentration of media were discussed.

Now in its 10th year, Media Democracy Days has evolved into a three-day event in three different locations, allowing different communities and panel speakers to tackle topics such as copyright policy, media representations, and documentary film productions.


Migrant Matters

Sophisticated vigilantes C.R.I.M.E. take on France over Haiti restitution

September 19, 2011
| C.R.I.M.E., an international group of activists who impersonated French government officials, won't let France forget who owes the bill for much of the ensuing undemocratic havoc and horrors in Haiti.
Length: 41:28

DisOrientation 2011 : The past is a battleground

Sunday, September 18, 2011 - 1:59pm - Friday, September 23, 2011 - 1:59pm


University of Toronto Toronto, ON
Phone: 416 978 7771
43° 39' 12.6864" N, 79° 23' 2.0652" W

Sept 18 to Sept 23

Mod abuse and new insurrection forum

I believe I was unfairly banned, by power tripping moderators, not once, but twice. Its become obvious that babble has become a do as I say not as I do website when it comes to democracy and freedom and I will no longer abide the hypocracy of so called standing up for people against the elites, and then having elites silienced dissenting option or overzelious enforcement of political correctness.

 I've seen one poster suspended for what was percieved by one moderator as homphobiac comment and when a gay man came to his defence he was intimaited by a moderator who made it clear that anyone who did not like it, they could leave. Bullying those who show dissent is just wrong.

 I've seen people just in trouble for using the word rape in an unapproved way.

| September 1, 2011
| June 24, 2011
| June 10, 2011
| May 26, 2011
| May 20, 2011
Migrant Matters

Shameless U.S. news personality Lou Dobbs still given a mainstream platform

May 18, 2011
| Dobbs' ultra right-wing views were regularly showcased on CNN, fueling the movement to scapegoat immigrants. He criticizes "illegal" employers, but, wait! Macdonald has uncovered he is one.
Length: 41:09
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